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How You Can Benefit By Having Porcelain Dental Veneers

Author: Joseph Smith
by Joseph Smith
Posted: Jul 10, 2017

Porcelain dental veneers come with a lot of major benefits many people may not be aware of. To know the benefits, you must firstly understand what veneers are and how it works. Porcelain veneers are very thin shells uniquely designed for each individual, which get attached to the front surface of the teeth and transform their smile over time. Experts of veneers, San Diego residents rely on, explain how porcelain veneers can benefit you.

1. Strengthen Teeth

People mostly opt for veneers for cosmetic and aesthetic purpose but additional studies have shown that porcelain veneers can make teeth up to 95 percent stronger. However, it depends on the condition of a person’s teeth but veneers can contribute far more strongly in one’s oral health than just rearranging the teeth.

2. Fix Many Cosmetic and Functional Problems

If you are one of the people who are living with chipped, cracked, unevenly spaced or gapped, crooked, irregularly sized, or rigorously discolored teeth, you may need porcelain veneers to fix all these conditions. Veneers can be shaped, sized, and colored as per your exact requirements and customized precisely to give you an enhanced, beautifully natural smile.

3. Preserve Natural Looking Smile

Other material utilized for the formation of veneers may sometimes don’t keep the appearance of the smile as natural as it should be when they are on your teeth. Although, as porcelain veneers are strong, they also preserve and enhance that natural looking beautiful smile by the natural texture of porcelain. They are stain resistant, restore function, and reflect light naturally. It is nearly impossible to find a set of veneers with benefits as of porcelain.

4. They Are Not Invasive

Veneers lie among the category of the least invasive restorative treatments according to Cosmetic Dentistry San Diego experts. This is the reason of the popularity of veneers among people with dental issues. Other options may be more expensive and more invasive but you may find porcelain veneers very cost-effective and durable.

5. Customizable

Veneers are not the one-size-fits-all. However, you must visit your dentist for the initial consultation for porcelain veneers. Your dentist will take the impression of your teeth and customize veneers according to the size, shape, and arrangement of your teeth.

6. No Need To Replace Them

There are some replaceable and temporary options used instead of veneers but they are not as durable as veneers. If you opt for porcelain veneers, however, you may be further benefitted by wearing them for as long as 20 years or even potentially longer with proper care.

7. Give Fast and Accurate Results

Your porcelain veneers will show slight changes within a few weeks as the result comes out faster, ensuring added adjustments for a beautiful smile.

These seven benefits prove veneers to be the most cost-effective and durable aesthetic dentistry option with health benefits. Veneers can promote a permanent change in the appearance of your smile with no added recovery time. If you have issues with teeth appearance, consider reaching out to veneers San Diego experts to help you cherish a naturally beautiful smile.
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