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Copious styles of pants to match different salwar suits

Author: Anil Joshi
by Anil Joshi
Posted: Jul 13, 2017
salwar kameez

Indian women can never imagine their days without a salwar suit. Being one of the most chosen dresses in India, even churidar salwar kameez is having a huge variety of them. Varying from traditional occasions to red carpet events, salwar suits do a great work at any place they are present over. There is a huge collection of latest salwar suits online and you will go stunned by seeing many trendy ones which you have never even heard off. Choosing one among them is always perfect. But we have a wrong perception towards salwar kameez, as only the kameez with different designs does the job of giving pretty looks. The pants or salwar is another part of salwar suit which has got enough recognition in recent times. The same kameez, when worn for different kinds of salwar, gives totally unique looks.

By rule, we have already set up few kinds of salwar for all those kameez like Anarkali kameez, kurta, long floor length kameez, straight cut kameez and much more. But you can always break the rule to be impressive. There is always a place for innovation in the fashion world and there are many kinds of salwar designs already available in the market. You should be capable enough to select the one which gives you a glamorous look when compared to the normal one.

Along with comfortability and elegance go for modish looks as well with these below mentioned types of salwar styles. You will really break the casualty and give a try to go completely eccentric.

Push Back Salwar

Push back salwar style is in trend since olden days. It is a type of salwar which clings to the skin and is tightly stitched to show off the toned legs of a woman. The bottom half of the salwar kameez looks slender and beautiful. The length of the salwar is stitched very long so that it gives wrinkled ends near the ankles when you wear. The ends are made wider to step in and can be hooked or buttoned to make it stiff around the legs. They are stitched with no pleats or a minimal number of pleats which won’t be visible too.

Dhoti Style Salwar

Why should men have all the fun! Yes, you can experience the great serenity wearing dhoti style salwar for your short kameez. Since the look resembles that of Indian traditional dress usually worn by men called dhoti, the design is called as the dhoti style salwar. It is stitched with numerous U shaped long pleats. They make the pants look voluminous and huge like a balloon. This style goes well for any kind of occasion and also it keeps your appearance alive for the maximum duration when you are in it.

Punjabi or Patiala Salwar Style

It is another ethnic attire of India. Most of the men and women in Punjab are seen with this style of pants. They are considered as one of the royalty resembling outfits of the state. Nowadays the fragrance of Punjab’s fashion has spread all over the world. Though it looks more like a dhoti with pleats as Punjabi suits also are stitched with pleats, they look totally distinct than that. It is because the pleats are formed from the top strip to the bottom belt with a straight cut. They are made using a broad piece of cloth to complete the bulgy look of the outfit.

Parallel Salwar Designs

These parallel salwar suits have stolen the hearts of many women because of their trendy looks and relaxation feel when they wear one. The style has arrived from Japan and is in trend in India since many years for now. Though they look more similar to Palazzo style pants, they are differently stitched. The pants are straight cut and maintain the same width from top to bottom. They look perfect when associated with both long or short kameez with side or front cuts. The pants are usually available without any design works like embroidery or stone works, but lacework is suitable to attach at the ends.

Palazzo Style Salwar

The most gracious salwar style that has ever arrived into the fashion world is Palazzo style salwar. The pants are not slim fit and they totally stay away from your legs when you wear them. Nowadays they have become one of the traditional Indian styles as well as they are seen to pair with silk long kameez or jacket style kameez. You can always flaunt with Palazzo pants outdoor. They are perfect for summer days as there allow a great passage for air circulation. With short kameez, it looks more like a western dress

Harem Style Pants

Harem salwar is many times confused with Aladdin pants, but practically they are two distinct types of pants. Harem pants are long and baggy pants which have entered into the markets around hundred years ago. Harem pants are a kind of western pants which can be even paired with Indian kameez. The pants are stitched with a large piece of cloth with big pleats and baggy look where the ends are caught with a belt near the ankles. Harem pants look awesome for short traditional or simple kameez.

Versatile Leggings

Nowadays leggings have replaced all other pants and not to be surprised, they have even done that to jeans. Because of its simple style, contentment and versatility to go with any weather condition and occasion it has become the most favourite one to combine differently styled kameez. Many exclusive styles of leggings have also arrived like parallel leggings and jeggings are another kind of pants which looks more similar to leggings. You can pair it up with any kind of kameez and even for Anarkali salwar kameez.

Cigarette Pants for Kameez

A western pant which is ruling the Indian fashion is this Cigarette pant. They are stitched to be narrow and slim fitted which seems to be clinging to the legs. They are sometimes made straight till ankles or three-fourth to reach the midway between the ankles and the knees. It can be worn by women with different body types and look awesome for wavy kameez.

Arabic Salwar Styles

Arabic styles are always different in their appeal. The pants are way different from all the above mentioned types. The salwar is stitched to be tight from the ankles to the knees and let loose between the knees and the waistline. An extraordinary ethnic outlook can be expected from this salwar style. most of the women who are shopping for latest salwar kameez never give a second thought to have this amazing styled salwar suit as this salwar matches all kinds of tops.

These styles will obviously help you out solving your worry about salwar designs. Use matchable accessories to give a boost up the elegance of the attire you are wearing. Along with style and looks you should also check how comfortable you feel when you wear a kind of dress. If you feel helpful with a single type, you can use that as your icon style for every occasion by changing the colour or prints alone.

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