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Benefits of LED Signs for Promoting Business

Author: Robert Bint
by Robert Bint
Posted: Jul 14, 2017

LED Signs are technology based products that are extensively used to promote different businesses. These signs are the latest rising signage panels that are being used by businesses to grab the attention of passersby and prospective customers from a distance.

LED Signs are the most conventional means to spread out the message to the public without spending heavily on advertisement purposes for promoting business activities.

Why prefer LED Signs?

LED signs work for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

LED signs are the standard form of illuminated signage because of its low power usage, long life expectancy and versatility that makes them ideal for your business.

Consider these benefits:

1. Eye-catching Brightness

One of the main things that differentiate LED signs from other signs is their striking brightness.

Thus, LED signs are visible from a distance and leave a good impression on the viewers. Hence, it is easy to connect with customers and viewers using LED signs and symbols.

2. Programmable Signs

A business owner can use programmable LED signs to tell:

What is in store?

What offers are put in place?

What is the expectation of the customers?

All these can be done easily at your business.

LED is programmable and this allows the user to generate multiple signs and graphics from a single LED display. So, you can simply change the texts and graphics as and when required. Moreover, LED signs can be easily programmed and little training is required to learn the art of programming.

3. Durable Nature

LED signs are durable in nature, as these are not made from breakable materials. These signs can also be used as promotional lights in different types of settings.

4. High Efficiency

LED lights consume 3 to 4 times lesser electricity as consumed by traditional luminescent lamps. This factor ensures the popularity of business promotion signboards. Due to low consumption of electricity, you can use more number of signs at one point of time.

5. Long Life

LED signs have a life expectancy of 50,000 to 1 00,000 hours, constituting 3 to 6 years. Moreover, they don’t even go out of order all of a sudden.

6. Environment Friendly

LED sings only use 10 watts of power, i.e. 80% less energy than neon signs. This lower power requirement reduces strain on the environment and makes a significant reduction in lighting costs.

7. Thinner

LEDs doesn’t comprise of any tube, which means that manufacturers can make them much thinner in size. A basic neon sign is usually 3-5 inches, whereas an LED Sign is a little 1-inch thick. This smaller size results in lower installation costs.

Summing Up:

LED signs are easy to operate, as you do not need to look for a specialist. The use of LED signs has increased in the past few years. Not only these signs are attractive, but have many other benefits that can easily outperform other type of promotional items.

If you are looking for LED Signs in UK, you can count on The LED Studio. They offer you the most stunning and best quality LED signs to advertise and promote the business activities.

About the Author - Led Displays, Signs and Screens specialists. Solutions for all budgets and environments. We will help you find the best solution for your needs!

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