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Epoxy Flooring For The Food Service Industry

Author: Maser Xntzb
by Maser Xntzb
Posted: Feb 28, 2014

The reason why epoxy flooring is recommended for industrial, food processing businesses is because their seamless nature leaves little opportunity for bacteria infestation. The epoxy floor coating is completely secure, there are no cracks, divots, or areas that food can make its way into the substrate. This means the floor is going to be well protected and it will not be able to get contaminated.

#1 -Food Service epoxy floors cannot be contaminated from food

Because epoxy floors have no cracks in them or areas that food can make its way into the substrate, they're unable to be contaminated. This means that when food or liquids falls on the floor, it can be cleaned up right away, with no risk that it could make its way into a crevice within the flooring and cause problems. This is something that is critical for a food processing business, because you do not want a floor type that can trap listeria or e coli or any other type of contaminate.

#2 - Epoxy floors can easily be applied over concrete

If you currently have a concrete floor, which is too porous for a food processing because it can develop cracks and other types of concerns, then you should know that an epoxy floor can easily be applied right over the top of your existing concrete. All that the epoxy is, is a coating solution that is applied in several layers, in order to protect the concrete below and provide a secure flooring option over the top. Keep in mind, if the concrete below has any type of moisture that is getting through, this would require addressing, since epoxies are generally vapor barriers. Concrete that allows moisture to seep through could cause delaminating, so you may want to hire an epoxy flooring contractor to mitigate any moisture issues, or for sure rule out the possibility.

#3 - Epoxy floors come in different varieties

Depending on what type of food processing you have, you will be pleased to know that epoxy floors actually come in different varieties. This means you can get them in different colors and textures. Some epoxy floors are going to be 100 percent solid, other ones are going to be solvent-based or even water-based. One hundred percent solid epoxies are basically pure epoxy, they are the most stable type of epoxy to use for a food processing business. However, it dries up easily and has to be handled by a professional. Solvent epoxies are more easy to work with, but solvents can be very strong and they can even be troublesome for food stuffs.

The mission has always been to provide a client with a custom designed, long-term surface solution that have been tailor made to fit their needs. To strive to provide the very best installation experience each and every time. The techniques, practices, materials, and equipment to employ constantly expands to include the latest and most effective innovations in the industry.

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Craig Doty is our resident expert in epoxy flooring contractors Our services, to name a few, but not limited to substrate rehabilitation

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