Everything you need to know about Mobile App Architecture

Author: Hellan Adam
by Hellan Adam
Posted: Jul 17, 2017

Mobiles have become a part of our daytoday life and we are in a stage where we can find apps for each and everything. The evolution of Mobile technology has increased the smartphones with more powerful capabilities which provides a way for number of mobile apps. Every passing day has a new innovation and growth. All business ranging from small to large adopting Mobile apps to increase the output of their business.

Mobile App Architecture

It is a set of techniques and patterns that are needed to be followed in order to build a Mobile app. By keeping the Industry standards and client's requirement in mind all the techniques and patterns were formulated.

Things to Check before building a Mobile App

Building a better Mobile app architecture is vital for every business, many of the developers in Mobile app ( Android and ios app development company )fails here. Below are the some of the things to keep in mind before building an Mobile app.

  1. Determining the Device - This includes CPU characteristics, Screen size, storage space, resolution, memory, environment availability and development tool. It may also have some special requirements from software or hardware, and so that is why while building a mobile app architecture the developer should know the needed knowledge of the devices that the mobile app will support

  2. Bandwidth Consideration - By keeping the worst network scenarios in mind the mobile apps architecture needs to be build. Design your data access mechanism, caching & state management that considers times of intermittent connectivity.

  3. User Interface - you have the whole universe ahead to show your creativity. Keep your UI as Simple and easy. It is noticed that a muddled User interface is one of the major reason for mobile app’s failure.

  4. Navigation Methods - It needs expertise in both the front and back ends. Mobile app features navigate in numerous ways, analyze the best one that matches your mobile app. It includes,

  • Stacked navigation Bar

  • Single view

  • Scroll views

  • Tab controller

  • Model controller

  • Search driven

  • Gesture based

Understand your app requirements and customers based upon that choose the navigation methods.

Usually a Mobile app can be structured by using different layers such as user experience, data layer and business.

  1. Presentation Layer

This layer includes User Interface components and User Interface process components that includes views and controllers. In this layer the developer has to define the mobile app way that it will appear in the end user's hand. The primary thing focused in this presentation layer is features and their locations, font size, themes,etc.

2.Business layer - It focus on the way that it will be present in front of the end users. This business layer includes business components, workflows and beneath the two sub layers named service and domain model layer.

Service layer - It focus on the set of application functions that is available for the end users and clients.

Domain Model Layer - It expertise and knowledge link to a certain problem domain.

3.Data Layer - Data related factors are defined here. It includes data utilities/helpers, data access components, service agents. These three components lies under persistence layer and Network Layer.

The fourth is cross-cutting,this includes configuration, security and connectivity/communication. After the completion all these layers you can get a better mobile app architecture.

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