Professional Painting Services in Newcastle: When Will You Need Them?

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Posted: Jul 17, 2017

You’ll need them more often than you will in other countries.

Professional painting services aren’t something you see often, but when you do, it’s for a good reason. Usually, you’re seeking professional painting services to deal with bad walls in a building.

Regardless, how frequent you need the service depends on the location. Below, we’ll talk about a few factors that determine how often you should hire a painting service.

We’ll also tie the area of Newcastle into this. It’s a special area in England after all…

So Why Get a Paint Job?

If you’re getting a paint job, you’re doing so as a business or a residential owner.

You’ll need a paint job when you’re renovating your home. This’ll usually be for social and hygienic reasons. Fresh painted walls are done so after some cleaning, so you’re taking out a lot of dirt in your home.

Additionally, you’re doing so to create a good looking interior for visitors.

As for businesses, a paint job is usually to create a good impression upon customers. If you’re running a store and your paint is peeling off everywhere, then you’re less likely to get more customers.

Whether you be doing it for business or residence, a common factor is a good looking wall. This unfortunately dies out fast in an area like Newcastle.

After all, you have to consider the high humidity levels of the location…

High Humidity Leads to Higher Paint Frequencies.

The humidity levels in Newcastle are high, and the humidity affects any paintjob. Over time, the humidity eats away at the paint, causing it to peel off.

Additionally, it promotes the growth of fungi and mold. Those will also need to be exterminated, as it affects your paintjob.

On average, you’ll need professional painting Newcastle services every 3 years. This is higher than many other locations, where you’ll need to repaint once every 5-7 years.

Other Factors that Affect Repaint Frequencies.

Of course, other factors to exist that determine paintjob frequencies. For example, if you live in place where you have children, then you’ll need to repaint often.

Children are notorious for missing up walls. They do so either through playfulness by drawings, or through mess. Food and spilt drinks are usually factors.

An additional factor would be the purpose of ownership. You might be an investor who owns a home and is about to sell. Usually, you’ll need a repaint to get a higher price for the place.

A home with bad walls is usually a leverage point to sell for less. You’ll be losing money without a proper paintjob.

The investment purpose applies to a lot of people in the UK. Real estate in Newcastle is seen by analysts as skyrocketing in value. A lot of people are approaching that location with their capital, usually to flip homes.

If you’re flipping, you’re almost certain to be looking for a professional painting services in Newcastle.

So why not seek a close by painter now? You’ll need someone reliable to contact when a paintjob is necessary!

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