What to Wear with Your Cold-Shoulder Tops from Boutiques for Plus size

Author: Lisa Guzman
by Lisa Guzman
Posted: Jul 17, 2017

The cold-shoulder top from boutiques for plus size is part of the trend nowadays and you can see almost everyone wearing it. From fashion influencers, bloggers, Instagram models and baddies, and even celebrities—the truth is, cold-shoulder tops are here to stay for a long while for sure!

Cold-shoulder tops can even be bought just anywhere from malls, to retail stores, to online shops, and even from boutiques for plus size. For today, we are giving you 5 tips on how to effectively and effortlessly match your cold-shoulder tops from different items you can find within your wardrobe!

  1. Boyfriend jeans and sandals

Cop the laid-back I-borrowed-my-boyfriend’s-jeans-but-I-still-look-cute look by, indeed, wearing boyfriend jeans with sandals. The girly vibe of the cold-shoulder top can be perfectly neutralized by the power of the boyfriend jeans. If you want to look a bit more girly, you can slip into your favorite pair of platforms instead.

  1. Leggings

Wearing leggings with your favorite cold-shoulder top is one effortless way of staying stylish. Plus it shows what great stems you have without having to flash too much skin!

  1. A-line skirt

How to look class-A with your cold-shoulder top? Pair it with a chic A-line skirt to add a more feminine silhouette to your frame. Then wear a collar necklace to add more chicness to your whole look.

  1. Floral-printed pants

How else can you rock a cold-shoulder top other than by wearing floral-printed jeans to add spice to your whole outfit. Just make sure your cold-shoulder top stays in one solid color to stay effortlessly stylish.

  1. Skinny jeans

I’m pretty sure every girl owns a pair of good skinny jeans that does nothing but highlight your assets. Now, it’s time to pair those skinny jeans with your cold-shoulder top!

  1. Printed shorts

Don’t own a pair of printed shorts yet? Well, it’s time to purchase one from a boutique for plus sizes! Printed shorts have this way of spicing up your outfit without trying too hard, therefore it’s always good to keep a pair in your wardrobe.

  1. Skorts

What’s more fun than a pair of shirts and a skirt? A skort from a boutique for plus sizes! A skort is a combination of skirt and shorts, some may make it look like you’re wearing a skirt up front and at the back, it looks like a typical short. That’s the magic that comes with skorts, it gives you the comfortability of a good pair of shorts but with the illusion of a skirt.

  1. Flared jeans

Who said flared jeans are gone? With the right styling, you can still pull off this trend from the late 90’s to the early 2000’s era. Make sure you wear a good pair of wedges or platforms underneath to add height to your frame.

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