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Is There Any Effective Natural Treatment For Asthma?

Author: Ramdev Medicine
by Ramdev Medicine
Posted: Jul 18, 2017
asthma attacks

Most of the people are aware about the inflammatory disease called as asthma. It is related to the airways and lungs. It is a chronic condition that affects the patient severely. It is not only the respiratory system that is affected due to asthma in a negative way rather whole of the body is affected by it adversely. Recurrent and continuous bouts of coughing make the patient restless. Also the routine activities get interfered as the patient is unable to perform anything in an easy way. It is due to problems in breathing.

What is worrisome in this case is that most patients remain ignorant about natural remedies available with us for asthma management. Intake of conventional medicines for long time causes side-effects on the overall body health. The patients may opt for some of the effective and proven natural treatment options for this respiratory problem. Here is a short list of some of these remedies that are quite easy to be used by anyone. Although these remedies are quite simple however these offer great results to the patients.

Mustard Oil

To ease the tight muscles in the lungs or chest region, you may prefer massaging your chest with warm mustard oil to which camphor is mixed. The warmth provided by this remedy to your chest and loosening of the chest muscles offers great instantaneous relief.


This herbal root that is most commonly used by most people in their homes for cooking finds application in asthma management in an amazingly effective way. To get the most effective results, prepare an herbal tea by boiling, ginger, honey and pomegranate together. Have this tea twice or thrice per day. You may simply take ginger juice with honey to keep asthma attacks at bay.

Eucalyptus oil steam

Asthma patients are advised to take steam during seasonal changes or when suffering from asthma attacks frequently and severely. The effect of remedy can be enhanced significantly by adding eucalyptus oil in the hot water. It aids in opening your nasal passages so as to offer great relief.


Nothing is comparable to honey when it comes to managing asthma attacks. You may either consume honey by mixing the same with lukewarm water or inhale the aroma of honey. Taking a powder of cinnamon powder by mixing the same with honey at bed time helps in making you feel sleep without disturbance.


It may sound to be strange but consuming fishes including salmon, tuna, and sardines is very much helpful in the management of the problem of asthma. These help in improving the strength and capacity of lungs and in turn the entire respiratory system. Alternatively, you may cook your foods with fish oil to have similar effects.


Most of us consume onion in different forms. But only few people are aware of the fact that these are rich in anti-inflammatory infection. It aids in clearing the airways so that the patient may be able to breathe normally.

Baba Ramdev asthma medicine is also an effective and natural way to control and manage asthma. Unlike other medicines or treatment options, it is free from any side-effects.

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