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Split Air Conditioner Over Window Air Conditioner

Author: Muhammad Jafakash Jafakash Nawaz
by Muhammad Jafakash Jafakash Nawaz
Posted: Jul 20, 2017
split air While purchasing an air conditioner users generally gets confused as to which one they should buy. Split air conditioners can always be a better choice when consumers go for air conditioners, there are many reasons why split air conditioners are a better choice over windows air conditioner.Split air conditioners can be a good choice as they make less noise or no noise, this is possible because the noise producing components for split AC’s is outside the area being cooled. This is something which is not possible for windows AC’s as they lack the reciprocating compressor which is fitted within the frame of the AC.Cooling Efficiency, split air conditioner is a good choice as the heat producing unit are located outside. It cools the room faster as compared to window’s AC spreading over to 30-40 feet away.The capacity and the cooling power is more, as windows A’s are restricted to only 2 ton whereas for split AC’s their is no restriction because the indoor unit just blows the air for the area in the room, and the external unit can be as big as a user wants it to be as the main work is done by that only.If a person is going to buy an AC for a large room which is more than 300sqft, they can’t go for windows AC, the best that can suit is split air conditioners. For a split air conditioner the external unit size can be increased and this helps in cooling a large room as well.To install a split air conditioner it is much easy and flexible, as there is not much requirement of making a window and fitting it up at the right place so that the air doesn’t pass away, just a small hole for the wires to pass.Split air conditioners are more feasible, as they can be protected from heat, the external unit can be placed in a shady and airy area and this helps in the flow of heat easily, whereas for windows air conditioners this is not possible, as if there is direct heat the flow of the air gets restricted.For split air conditioner one doesn’t need a proper vent in the wall, as it is always placed above and that looks aesthetically right and makes the room look more good and the view is not distracted, as for a windows AC a proper vent is to be made and this disrupts the view and makes the room look shabby at times.For putting up a split air conditioner one do not have to worry as to where it can be installed, as it can be easily installed between two rooms having a common wall, whereas for a windows air conditioner a proper wall is to be selected which is not joined with any other room and have an open outer space.split air conditioner gives lower energy bills, as split air conditioners helps in cooling down the whole room and there is no need to install two window air conditionersPsychology Articles, split air conditioners can be connected to a thermostat which helps in turning the cooling system on and off when the temperature is accordingly right. This helps in decreasing the current energy bill costs and this helps in saving the energy bill.
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Author: Muhammad Jafakash Jafakash Nawaz

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