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Exquisite design works that are made on pakistani salwar suits to enhance the glam

Author: Anil Joshi
by Anil Joshi
Posted: Jul 20, 2017
design works

When we hear about design works or craft works, the first thing that flashes in our minds is gorgeous looking and never aging Embroidery works. And many women even today are blindfolded in the trendy fashion world, as they only look for traditional design works like bead work, embroidery work, threaded work or lace work. But to think broad, there are numerous kinds of design works that are practiced all over India and now which gained popularity even globally are yet to be recognized by common people. and even when we see a salwar suit with some unique design works, we centralize the design to the one we are aware of and spend no time knowing that special design work.

In the world of trends, Pakistani salwar kameez are popular mostly because of the unique designer works it contains. The works that are established on these dresses always look adorable. We can check by ourselves, how carefully few of the handmade design works are done to get the ultimate perfection. Sometimes handmade works look more embellished compared to machine made design works. Skilled designers that are available only in local areas are also getting chance to explore the world, as there is a huge demand for their special aptitude to bring out the best representation ever. Many salwar suits like Pakistani long salwar kameez, Pakistani Patiala suits, Pakistani Anarkali suits are only popular due to the picturesque appeal they provide to every woman who wears them.

Check here for the loveliest and traditional art works that are being practiced by men from many parts of the world to get a most serene look for Pakistani salwar kameez. Next time when you visit a store or online shopping website, never miss to check for these ones with the seller and get the unique attire ever and flaunt at the gathering.

Awesome Antique Works

How much ever the trend may get changed, antique art works are always the best. That special look those traditional design works give can never be replaced by any other trendy works. Bringing on the ethnic patterns, traditional festivals, tribal looks and animals complete the antique appearance of your attire. Pakistani salwar suit is one of the traditional attire gives extraordinary look with Antique design works. Bright colours like pink, blue or brown looks amazing with ethnic patterns. Kuchchu work or golden bead work along the edges of dupatta will be an added over traditional look.

Cute Cord Design Works

Cord art work is an intricate thread work done with multiple curves over the fabric that will be used to stitch salwar kameez. Northern parts of India like Punjab, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir and many parts of Pakistan are famous for cord design works. If plain cord work is done using cotton threads over a dress, that gives a plain and formal look. At the same time if it is done along with the flickering stones and diamonds it gives an amazing royal look. Nowadays many new things are being introduced to cord work to make it even more luxurious. For cording also golden or silk threads with multiple colours are used.

Wonderful Cutdana Work

As the name itself gives a clue about this design work, it is made using stones or beads which are cut into specific shapes. In olden days the extra parts of beads which were cut while making standard sized beads were also used to make some design work. This haphazard way of weaving waste beads gave birth to this cute design work. Cutdana work takes a lot of time when designed using hands. The same is designed using machines nowadays. Both look equally good while handmade design works are more stiff and stay longer. The work can be used all over the kameez or can be minimized to neck and sleeve lines for casual Pakistani salwar suits.

Gorgeous Gold Zardosi

Zardosi work is a most familiar design work for all the young and old women. Being a form of embroidery design work, it got influenced by Persian art works. The meaning of zardosi is golden embroidery. It is an intricate thread work which is heavily worked out on fabrics. Using stones and kundans in between the thread curves look exactly amazing. Pakistani salwar suits look awesome with zardosi works. This art work is not only popular in India and Pakistan, skilled designers are available even in Persia and Iran countries. Wedding Pakistani suit will surely have zardosi design works as it is also one of the traditional works.

Unique Karachi Design Work

Karachi design work is another ancient design work followed by designers from centuries. It is one of the most elegant and charming art work done over Pakistani long kameez. It involves two kinds of works like threaded embroidery work and floral designs. Both flowers and thread work get together so loving along each other to get the best ever look to your attire. It gives the most trendier and respectable appeal to your physique. It is also versatile to go for any kind of occasions from casual to ceremonial. Since this art work is mostly done over long kameez, it is good to pair it up with push back or slim fit pants rather loose ones.

Lovable Patch Border Work

Patch border work is an astonishing design work you can get on your Pakistani salwar suit. While shopping for Pakistani salwar kameez online, you will come across many different styles of kameez in most vibrant colours. But the least you bother is about the border work the kameez has. You will become a fan of border works once you come across patch border works used for kameez. This border work is commonly seen on sarees and salwar suits. Floral or leaves design works are commonly seen in patch border works.

Amazing Kasab Design Work

Kasab design work is another kind of embroidery works. It is also known as Kasav embroidery works. The work is usually done using silver or golden threads which may vary from thin and thick diameters. They look awesome on silk, cotton and brocade fabrics. The close threaded work increases the thickness of the kameez and makes it look glamorous.

As many of these design works are made using heavy and rich looking stones, mirrors, beads or threads, they may always suit the best for grand events like weddings and festivals. When you want to own a Pakistani salwar suit for casual or formal occasions, you can go for the dresses with minimal art works and colourful prints.

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