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Author: Nikita Aggarwal
by Nikita Aggarwal
Posted: Jul 21, 2017
domain name

The first question comes in mind is What is Domain Name?Web Name or Domain Name is used to address a website. It should be short in length, easy to spell and can be remembered easily. There are so many Domain Name Extension,.in,.org,.net,.co,.edu etc. These all are also known as Top Level Domain A Business without Business Name is impossible. Similarly, a website without Domain / Web Name is impossible. Most of the people get confused Domain Extension. Everybody knows Extension as it is in trend but the question is What is.Co Domain Extension?

As Everyone is looking for short and memorable web address. To satisfy this need.CO Domain Extension is introduced. It offers you a global option for branding your online presence..CO is already meaningful and recognizable in multiple languages and cultures is recognized as company or corporation. It is a country code Domain extension used in more than 20 countries such as,, etc.

Does.CO rank on search engines the same way as.Com?

The answer is Yes. Infact,.Co Domain offers several Seo friendly advantages that a legacy Domain does not.Here are the points :

It is Available : There are so many people couldn’t get their desired Domain Name as they are already taken. So.Co Domain allow them to get Domain they need in order to succeed.

It is Short & Relevant : Shorter URL provides better result in Search Engine Optimization. It is highly beneficial if you want to rank your site well.

It is Memorable : As Co stands for Company. So it is easy to remember and type.

What is the Price of.CO Domain?

As there are many Domain registrar. So Price varies from one registrar to other. But Normal Renewal cost for.CO Domain lies between 1700-1900.

If you want to stick on.CO Domain as it is best option for you Business Success but facing money issue as Renewal Cost of.CO Domain is high. Then Don’t Worry. Transfer it to Online Trouble Shooters at Rs 1100. So Here is a chance for you to save money in your.CO Domain!

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Author: Nikita Aggarwal

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