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Posted: Jul 24, 2017

Manchester United has almost all its history working for English football and in all these years of experience has learned very well that the changes are always good, that there are moments of victory and moments of defeat, that there are big and small players, teams with Excellence and teams without much excellence and now, in these modern times where people can buy their tickets online to see how things happen, changes are still happening.

This time we will talk about some updates or adjustments that Manchester United will do:

New goalkeeper

That of the signings is a very complex and extensive subject that is handled in the area of??the soccer business, and of course, there are interests on the part of the players and each team. The most talked about update is David de Gea who still has a standing race with Manchester United and has been giving smiles to dozens of people with his work, for now, José Mourinho has some options in mind but time does not come To decide, and that means that the fans should already be preparing to buy Man utd tickets online for the coming seasons.

New left side

We still do not know exactly if it will be one or two that will make Manchester United win more titles, as we must not deny that this season was a season of great effort and few fruits, so it is normal the English team wants to take Again the course of a road of victories. Whoever is in sight of Mourinho is Fulham's Ryan Sessegnon, who has so far proven to have beautiful wood at his young age, everyone thinks that Manchester United can be a catapult for him.

New plant

Follow the updates! Was Manchester United so bad about their players that they lost so many titles? From our perspective, the team worked very well, just not enough to position themselves and achieve what they wanted. Now seems like a very good time to add one more, this time not for the bow nor the left but for the whole center, the last name that is Lindëlof of Sweden and as with the others will have to see if it carries a t-shirt The next season.

Farewell to ZlatanIbrahimovic

For the fans of Manchester United one of the saddest updates that are about to be confirmed is the departure of the striker who was practically the one who did everything in his power to score goals and goals to bring the team afloat, of course, no He did it only because he does not work as a single "star" nor consider others insufficient or anything, however, he is one of the hardest with Rashford, Rooney, Mata and it would really be a shame to leave the team.

Football is like this: changes and surprises, our job is to buy Manchester United tickets online and enjoy.

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