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Types Of Friends You Will Get In The University

Author: David Carson
by David Carson
Posted: Jul 26, 2017
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University is always considered as a place, where students from many different cultures, backgrounds, and countries gather for their academic education. Friends and their friendships are so immense that it cannot be defined in words. University is a place where students choose their friends for life time.

There are many types of friends, which a student finds during his university life.

  • Book worm

You can find this friend in the classroom or in the library. He will never go out for any hang out with the friend's group because studies are always first priority to him. You will always find some books or any reading material in his hand.

  • Party animal

You will find this friend in every party or hang out. This friend always looks for a party and plan for the night out. He came in university for the partying. He wants to spend good times in the university by enjoying it.

  • Chiller

They do not interfere in other’s matters and try to chill. They never take tension and try to fight with the saddening condition in a handy way. You will find him tension free in the exam season also.

  • The pessimist

This type of friend is usually very tricky to handle because he always has an argument with you every time related to everything. It is thorny to agree on his statements and to be in touch with him. They always create a horrendous environment. You always feel better to neglect them.

  • Fashion guru (hipster)

This friend carries trendy clothes and accessories. He keeps himself updated about the latest fashion. He knows about every celebrity, fashion designers, bloggers and fashion related news. Whenever you want any suggestion related to the looks and fashion they will advise you best. Other than that, if you are not good about dressing sense, he will definitely teach you about it. Another interesting fact about him is he is the coolest among other students and he wants to be your friend.

  • Paparazzi

There is always a person, who is always mad about picture and videos. This friend is besotted to the social media. He is always concern about the comments and likes on his photos, which he uploaded on the daily basis. According to him, he is collecting some of his memories in this way.

  • Drama queen/king

This friend always comes late in the class and ready with the excuses all the time. The teacher also knew about his lies. This kind of friend is the laziest person, who wakes up late in the morning for the university.


This kind of friend is the most organized person, who always has new ideas and innovate things along with his good ranks in the university. This friend is an example for all the other friends and students.

  • Social worker

This kind of friend is always involved in the social activities for the student’s rights. This friend wants to set a new and better system for the university students. You can always find him collecting funds and raising his voice for the betterment of the students

  • Foodie

You will always him in the canteen or any food stall. He loves every kind of food and has more knowledge about the restaurants than his course. These friends are living in the world for food.

  • Creepy (messy)

This kind of friend is the most annoying person in the entire university. Their friend does not care about him. According to others also he is the nastiest person on this planet. He will wear the same clothes for consecutive 4 days without washing it.

  • Joke cracker

These kinds of friends are necessary for every group of friend. They instantly make you laugh by cracking a joke or by their movement. Their jolly attitude will make your day.

  • Shoulder (true friend)

This kind of friend is a real friend for you if you want to share any bad and good experiences about the life. This friend will be a supporting hand to you for the rest of the time period. His company will give comfort and special ease.

  • The one

These friends are your life time friends. They will stay with you for the whole life. For you, they are your soul mate, who always has the same mentality of yours. You will always relax when he is around you.


In the end, when you will get admission in the university, you will interact with every category of friends and enjoy their companionship in a different way. Some friends will last forever and some will be left behind. The only thing which keeps with us is their memories. These friends also leave some marks on our hearts.

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