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Rechargeable Led road Flares – Durable and Reusable Smart Option

Author: Andy Xiong
by Andy Xiong
Posted: Jul 27, 2017

Originally, the LED road flares are developed for the use in emergency. Predictably led road flares are burnt just in 15 to 20 minutes. While the modern led road flares are working up to 140 hours. The biggest thing is that this led road flare is nor rechargeable. The Rechargeable Led Road Flares are used in any emergency situation, in any weather conditions just by recharge only. They are in demand by average customers for the private vehicles.

If someone is looking for the environmentally friendly and not polluted led flares, then the Rechargeable Led Road Flares are the best and smart option. They are available in different colors like blue, green, and yellow as well as red. They are the unbreakable and affordable by general class.

Features of Rechargeable Led Road Flares

  • Used in all weather conditions
  • No polluted
  • Durable and reusable
  • Used by police officers and rescue officers as well as at the construction site
  • Used at underwater repair applications
  • For identifying the road hazards used as a signal
  • Easy to maintain and carry as well as easy to handle

Escape Hammer – Features and Introduction

The Escape Hammer or the Safety Hammer is generally used car and at home as well as offices. In any emergency situations, where escape through the window is only the solution, the Escape Hammer is designed in such a way to break the double glazed windows as well as single-pane windows. The escape hammer with seat belt cutter is the best choice for any vehicle disaster. The Safety Hammer is designed so small that your purse also. The blade is much effective to use at the once only.

The Safety Hammer is small in size but it is a real life saver. While in underwater or trapped in a car, this safety hammer can cut the seatbelt. Time is very important when you are in middle of the disaster, at that the Safety Hammer is works in seconds and save the life of a person. While using hameer, the balance and goggles are required.

Features of Escape Hammer or Safety Hammer

  • Generally the safety hammer is small in size, so the orange color is selected to identify easily
  • Two sided blade, one is used for cutting the seat belt and the other is break the window
  • Small in size so adjust in anywhere and light weight
  • For installation, mounting brackets are included
  • Double sided head with sharp steel points
  • In the dark, a fluorescent pun glows for easy retrieval

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About the Author

LED Flares are a universal roadside emergency signal and there’s no mistaking a few road flares every few feet leading to a roadside emergency. They burn bright during the day and especially at night.

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