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Natural Remedies for Acne Scars

Author: Austin Ames
by Austin Ames
Posted: May 07, 2012

Skin, the sensitive organ of the body is prone to develop acne at any age. Among the very few diseases that are common to people of all ages like cold and fever, acne is also a common skin condition, affecting the people across the globe with no exceptions. There are numerous types of medications and remedies available to cure acne scars. Yet, the most effective and inexpensive remedy is natural remedies for acne. Nature is the best medicine for all health conditions and acne is not an exceptional health condition. Following are the simple and effective natural remedies for acne spots.

Aloe Vera

One of the nature’s gift that has rich cooling, healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and ideal to treat the acne is aloe vera. Applying the aloe vera gel on the acne spots reduces inflammation of the skin. The amazing cooling and moisturising properties of the super herb heal the acne and shrinks the size of the bumps on the face. Further, it is also effective in healing the acne scars. Applying the aloe vera gel for a few days, gives a beautiful transformation by removing the acne.


Honey is a good moisturizer as well as the best natural cleanser. Applying honey on the facial skin, cleanses the skin. The natural cleanser not only removes the dirt and debris of the external layer of the skin, but also penetrates deeply into the skin and cleanses the skin from the inner layer. Eventually, the roots in the inner layer of the skin, from the acne develops is also fixed.

Tomatoes and Lemons

Both tomatoes and lemons are richest sources of Vitamin C, the essential nutrition for skin health. Intake of lemon juice and raw tomatoes frequently nourishes the skin and flushes out the toxins from the body. Eventually, it reduces the effect of the acne on the skin. It can also be applied on the affected areas. Dropping the raw lemon juice or scrubbing the lemon on the face and scrubbing the sliced tomatoes on the face in the acne spots treat the inflammation of the skin and acne scars.

Lavender Oil

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