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4 Tips You Should Know Before Ordering Anniversary Cakes Online

Author: Nikhil Gupta
by Nikhil Gupta
Posted: Jul 26, 2018

While gifts are a priority, the anniversary and other yearly celebrations are also prime times for tasting the newest and richest of cake varieties. The reach and scope of internet and the world wide boom in eCommerce has ensured that you can order almost anything online and acquire it easily at your doorsteps. The online "gift and cake" websites enjoy a favourable and popular online reputation and are reached by thousands daily in India for ordering cakes, flowers and bouquets, special gifts and combos. You can order a cake online and can also present a delicious gift to your friends, family members, acquaintances and colleagues on their birthday, anniversary and for other events and celebration times.

But before you start on your buying spree, here are a few tips that you should follow when you are purchasing the anniversary cakes online.

Type of Cake Required

There are many factors that come into account when you buy a wedding anniversary cake.

Size: You need to consider the size or weight of the cake, as when you have more guests you require a larger cake. The 1/2 kg cakes are more popular because of their optimised weight but you can order a cake of any size online.

Design: Apart from the usual square and round designs, you can get an anniversary cake on the basis of your own wishes. For instance, boys like the "Spiderman" cakes on their birthdays, whilst girls wish to light the candles on the "Barbie Doll" cake. If you have a super classic room decor, such as wooden tables with the combination of bentwood chairs

  • then you can go for a simple and normal cake. For a wedding anniversary, the "Heart" shaped cakes are quite popular.

Dietary choices: Some people prefer the vegetarian or the egg-less cakes, while others have a liking towards the egg cakes when they buy the wedding anniversary cakes online. There are also the food-allergy and digestion related issues, so you must keep in mind that the cake does not has any allergen to spoil your health and party mood.

Choose The Right Flavours

You can also choose from a variety of flavours when you buy the anniversary cakes online. The options include Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocó truffle, and Fresh Fruits flavours among others. You can choose on the basis of your own taste preferences or can buy the cake after taking into account the palate preferences of your dear ones.

Mention The Message For The Cake

The cakes are a norm for a number of events, occasions and anniversaries. You may have ordered the cake for birthday, wedding anniversary, mother’s day or any other occasion or celebration. The cake looks good, more personal and fit for the occasion when you have a message clearly written on it. You can mention the message that you want to be there imprinted on the cake when you order cake online (the eCommerce website will have a separate box for it). The message will be there on the cake when it is delivered at your doorstep. The message holds, even more, passion and importance when you present the cake to a person very close to you.

Sorting Out The Payment Options

With advancement in e-kart and e-commerce related technologies, it’s now easy to make a payment online in very secure and fast manner. SSL encryption and other security tools ensure that your credit or debit card information is totally secure from the hackers when you use them towards buying cakes online. You can also choose the COD or cash-on-delivery mode of payment.

Online cakes are high-in-quality, are prepared and delivered fresh and are delivered right to the address that you provide. There are also extensive varieties available for you to rejoice your celebrations in the best way.

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