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3 Tips for Keeping Clothes Soft on an Outdoor Clothesline

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Jul 28, 2017

Clothes are the most important items in everyone’s life. Usually, in medieval times clothes were being used only to cover the body to protect the body from cold and heat. They are used in the same way, but now in the world of fashion clothes are meant for much more. People love to wear nice tidy clothes to present them in front of the world. The choice of clothes also tells us about our behavior, attitude and well-being. There is a saying that- First impression is the last impression, so people, whether they are boys or girls everyone in this era love to wear clothes for their good impact on people.

Drying of clothes after washing them is also an important work. The work for clothes’ tidiness do not ends by washing them or dry cleaning them. We have to make them dry well to keep them soft and full of life.

Drying clothes outdoors a clothes drying rack can cause clothes to become rough and damage, some of the fabric softener and other detergents’ perfumes. This damage occurs sometime because of the weather, especially in the case of heavy windy conditions, acid rains, constant sun rays and dust particles in the air. For drying clothes at home safely inside you can also buy clothesline rack online. Buying online will be more beneficial and cost-effective.

Here are the top 8 tips to use while using Clothesline to keep clothes soft:

  1. Vigorously shake each cloth before hanging:

The very basic and first step to keep clothes healthy is to shake them vigorously before hanging on a clothesline. This step will also help to eliminate some lint, wrinkles and it will also contribute to softer clothes when they dry up.

2. Use Fewer clothes pins:

It is profitable for clothes to use less few clothes pins when hanging the items. Why it is recommended to use fewer pins? This is because the area where the pins are pinned it cause a crease on that area and resulting in the nearby area to dry but that area in somewhat untidy and wrinkled manner. So it is very important to invest in good quality of pins because good quality of pins leaves the lesser crease on fabric as much as possible.

3. Direct Sun Rays can be Harmful:

It is said that sun to damage the clothes by its rays. Clothes should not be left over hanging on the jute wire outside under the sun. Sun rays cause so much damage to clothes, so it is highly recommended by experts not to leave clothes under the Sun for long hours. You can dry your clothes in a light breeze, but avoid direct sun rays you can use some shade or tint on the terrace. It is important to avoid sun rays as much as possible you can use an indoor clothesline to avoid too much in the sun. This step is very important to keep clothes healthy, especially in very sunny and hot climate.

If you want to keep your clothes healthy and clean you should dry your clothes on clotheslines by avoiding some factors. Ezi Dry provides online clotheslines to keep your clothes healthy and soft!

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Author: Sameer Tendulkar

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