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5 quick tips for better employee communication

Author: Andy Pan
by Andy Pan
Posted: Jul 28, 2017

Increasingly, we’ve been hearing a lot about how internal communication among employees of a company is important to business success.

Communicating with clients is a daily norm, and we tailor how we speak on the phone and write our emails according to who we are engaging. Why can’t we do the same for our employees or colleagues?

Good internal communication has innumerous advantages. It cultivates a strong culture, enhances collaboration, streamlines results and can even improve morale. In today’s diverse business landscape, creating clear communication channels can overcome generational, gender and cultural differences to create cohesive teams and ultimately, successful outcomes.

However, how many times have we heard that good communication must be deliberate? Considering these ideas to intensify your communication efforts to create a happier, healthier workplace.One of the tools that we provide to our clients, the Emergenetics Profile, helps to prevent and possibly eliminate undesirable workplace conflicts.

1. Be Present

Endeavor to be mindful and focused during conversations. Listen. Listen. Really listen, so that you can respond more thoughtfully, and minimize misunderstandings. The person you are having a conversation with, is important. And respect, above all, should be at the heart of your communication efforts.

2. Use Present-Day Collaboration Tools

Mass emailing the whole company may get your message misinterpreted or even ignored, which can cause confusion and irritation among the employees. Modern communication tools like Skype, Google Hangouts and Whats App allow you to quickly disseminate information to relevant groups of people. What’s more, you can ask your team how they prefer to communicate and adopt methods that work best.

3. Recognise and Praise Success

"Recognition is not a scarce resource. You can’t use it up or run out of it." – Susan M. Heathfield, HR Expert,

The slightest amount of praise can go a long way, especially in this day and age where employees want to feel valued and appreciated. Through your group collaboration tool to communicate with your team, you can announce individual or departmental successes. This can help with your team morale, which in turn, boosts your company’s productivity and growth.

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Author: Andy Pan

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