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What to Consider When Buying Women’s Running Jackets

Author: Sally Wilkinson
by Sally Wilkinson
Posted: Jul 31, 2017
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Workout gear has, in recent years, become as much of a fashion statement as your handbag or hair colour. But choosing the right women’s running jacket is more than just choosing your favourite colour or the one that complements your style best. There are a number of practical considerations to make as well, some of which are outlined below.

Rain, Hail or Shine

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the terms water resistant and waterproof. When shopping for women’s running jackets, remember that they are not the same. Water resistant is ideal for light rain and will protect you from water for a short period if there isn’t too much of it. The advantage of this is that it can be more lightweight than a thicker, waterproof jacket, making for a more breathable option. However, if you’re going to be running in heavier rain, this type of women’s running jacket will be almost useless for you. The water will get through and chill your skin, especially when you’re running for an extended period of time.

Waterproof jackets, on the other hand, use a thicker fabric that rain can’t get through. This type of jacket is ideal when working out in heavy rain for a long time, although it does allow for less breathability.


Consider what the temperature will be when you’re running. Women’s running jackets that are more breathable are better for milder weather, while warmer, lined jackets are available for cooler climates. These tend to be thicker and don’t offer much breathability if you heat up during the run and start to sweat.


A common problem around Australia is the constantly changing weather. It’s not uncommon to experience a warm day and suddenly find yourself shivering mid run or vice versa. If you’re unable to avoid a potential weather change, take it into account when choosing between women’s running jackets. A lightweight jacket is both easier to carry if no longer needed and less likely to cause overheating if you’re reluctant to take it off.Another problem is the retention of heat when you warm up halfway through your run. A breathable and light jacket is ideal for these conditions, as it will allow your skin to cool down without giving you a chill. However, sometimes the weather remains cold the entire run and a thicker jacket is necessary the entire way.

Personal Preferences

At the end of the day, there’s no hard and fast rule for which women’s running jacket is right for you. Some women prefer running in vests, as they keep the majority of the body dry while allowing the body to cool down via the arms, while other women opt for weatherproof jackets that prevent them from feeling any wind or rain at all.

Consider whether you have a tendency to overheat or shiver during runs and choose your workout gear accordingly. These days, you don’t have to sacrifice appealing designs for practicality, as most retailers stock patterned and coloured jackets of all types.

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