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Choosing a Color Palette for your Home: Forget Trends, Focus on You

Author: Christine Delongte
by Christine Delongte
Posted: Jul 31, 2017

What makes a home painting result stunning and breath-taking? In the first look, you do not focus on the quality of color. What matters is the combination of colors that you choose for the room. Choosing a color palette for your home is a task that you should never take lightly. You should not leave the decision for your painter as well. Taking suggestions from him is a different thing but allowing him to make color choices is a recipe for disaster.

A Color Wheel can be your Useful Home Painting Guide

When you sit down to choose a color palette for a specific room, your work doesn’t end with choosing a single color for the entire room. Modern homes involve clever use of different colors to bring out the beauty of the property. Professional color consultants or interior decorators use the technique of color wheel to choose a color palette for a home. You can follow the same technique and make a choice.

  1. A primary color is the main color that will cover most parts of the room.
  2. A secondary color complements the primary color. Use the color wheel and select the color across the chosen primary color. For example, if you have chosen yellow as the primary color for the room, you can go with purple as the secondary color.
  3. A tertiary color is useful for choosing furniture and other small accessories in the room. You can opt for a color that is on either side of your chosen secondary color.

Remember that the technique of color wheel will show you different color combinations for a room. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to follow it to a tee. You can always create unique color combinations that define you.

Color Palette: Walls showcase your Personality and Preferences

When you want to create a perfect color palette for your home, do not jump on the bandwagon. Trends come and go. So, it doesn’t make sense to paint a room on the basis of a current trend. Instead, consider your taste, preferences and liking

  • Are you a Nature Lover?

If you love treks and hikes, you can bring nature into your home. Choose earthy color combinations and devise a color palette that gives you an illusion of being out in the open. Consider shades of green and brown to bring out your adventurous personality. If you are looking for vibrant color options, select yellow and oranges as tertiary colors.

  • Your Dose of Vitamin-Sea

Choose various shades of blue and create a nautical theme in your bedroom. It is a perfect way to decorate a child’s room as well. Green and blue are the ideal colors for bringing the beauty of sea to your home. You can use sea-shell pink as the tertiary color to accentuate the room.

  • What’s your Game?

You do not have to hang the team blanket or make use of the Fathead wall decals to decorate a room with your favorite team colors. Make clever use of the team’s color to create a sophisticated look for the room. If you are fan of Toronto Maple Leafs, you can use the blue and white color to dedicate a room to your favorite team.

  • What Clothes you wear?

Are you confused? Let’s make it simple. What kind of clothes you wear? Do you love the muted shades or choose the vibrant ones? Consider your go-to outfit. It will tell you a lot about your style and favorite color. Remember that your home should make you feel happy and choosing your favorite color is the right step in that direction.

Choosing a color palette for your home is not an easy task. But, it is the first step towards beautiful and gorgeous home painting results. Do not focus on current trends. What’s hot today, may not be tomorrow! Choose colors that you like. Devise a color scheme that makes your home your dream paradise. Remember that choosing a good color palette means your halfway there. So, spend time in choosing colors that showcase you and your personality.

Choosing a color palette for your home can be an overwhelming task. Allow Painting Contractor Toronto to help you with it. Our talented color consultants will work with you to devise a beautiful color scheme. We use high-quality colors to complement your color palette. Get in touch for painting kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

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