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Three Vital Qualities of a Trusted Translation and Interpretation Service Provider

Author: Tony Zhang
by Tony Zhang
Posted: Aug 01, 2017

In today’s times, services for translation and interpretation of foreign language is found a dime a dozen. Although most providers assure a certain quality of service, very often they fail to deliver up to the promised point, and that ends not very well for the hirers. They are highly inconvenienced, to put it mildly. If you have an important project at hand and you need nothing but the best quality interpretation and translation services for it, then your goal should be to find a top provider. Now that can be an ordeal considering you will be looking in a market in which every business exaggerates about their competence. To knock out all confusions and bad choices, you must focus on some earmarks that are the signatures of all top-notch providers. It all comes down to these few details that determine if a company is dependable or not.

Language Proficiency

English is a global language. Most of us, having used it since childhood are proficient in it. But, what about less known languages? Mandarin, French, Spanish, Irish and such tongues have far less speakers than English. They do not have identical grammar, syntax or structure like English. One needs to be taught and trained in a language to an advanced degree to be able to grow proficient in it. So, the first thing to seek out in a provider is whether it has interpreters and translators who are proficient in the languages they are working on. Both language translations services require extensive lingual skill and experience, and in that, neither is optional.

Style of Critical-Thinking

There are certain nuances in every language that only a professional linguist with many years of experience knows. Unlike computer-translation, the job of converting a text from one language to another requires extensive critical thinking. A language is infused with references to its people, culture, society, politics and such contexts. It takes deep analysis to figure out the best way to put a sentence in a different language while preserving its essence to the best. So, a company needs such writers at work who are sensitive to these little details.

Knowledge-Gaining Ability

It is not possible for an individual or an organization to possess every last bit of knowledge there is on all subjects. The projects they take up vary in subjects, from regular to abstract kinds. To be able to handle the less common kinds of project, the company needs to acquire knowledge form external sources. As long as they have the means to acquire that knowledge, the company is golden. So, when trusting a company with your project, stop to understand their level of knowledge in the technicalities of a concerned subject. If it’s a project in which the subject matter of it drives the work, then make sure they have the tools to acquire exhaustive information to execute the job.

Most of these companies hire native bilingual speakers for quality assurance. For instance, professional Chinese translation services are best offered by natives fluent in English.

About The Company

Leas To Asia is a professional translation and interpretation company specialized in other languages translate into all kinds of Asian languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc. Founded in 2007 in Hong Kong and has branches in Beijing, Korea so far. Our services we offer Chinese translation services, Interpretation and translation services, Website localisation, etc.

About the Author

Leas To Asia is a professional translation and localisation company which specialized in other languages translate into all kinds of Asian languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.

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Author: Tony Zhang

Tony Zhang

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