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Is Diabetes Curable In Ayurvedic Medicine System?

Author: Ramdev Medicine
by Ramdev Medicine
Posted: Aug 01, 2017
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Although diabetes is considered to be a common disease however it may prove to be life-threatening or fatal in certain cases. Hyperglycaemia and high blood sugar are the terms used to refer to this condition. In conventional medicine system, it is considered to be an incurable disease. It is because you can just control your excessively high sugar levels but not get rid of this condition completely. There are certain medicines or drugs that are used in the form of stimulators for your pancreatic system. This in turn allows beta cells to keep on secreting normal levels of insulin hormone. As a result of this, complete oxidation of sugar present in the blood takes place. This in turn eases and prevents the symptoms of this condition.

Generally, most medicines work the same way. In some cases, artificial insulin is also supplied to the body for normal functioning of the pancreas. Even in diabetes ayurvedic treatment, same mechanism is followed. It means diabetes remains to be an incurable disease in ayurvedic medicine system as well. It can’t be completely cured but controlled in an effective and safe manner. The basic difference amid conventional medicines and the ayurvedic treatment approach towards diabetes management is in the ingredients used in both the systems.

In ayurvedic medicine system, only purely herbal or natural components are used for management of this problem. It is done so as to assure safety of the users in all respects. Let us now have a look at some of the remedial options used in diabetes ayurvedic treatment for management of this condition in an efficient and reliable way.

How to control diabetes the natural and easy way?

Those who are diagnosed with diabetes must pay heed to their diet and lifestyle and make changes in it. It helps in controlling this condition to great extent. If you are a diabetic person then you definitely need to eliminate or at least reduce sugar content in your diet. Sugar is consumed by us daily in many forms. Hence you must cut down excess of sugar so that insulin hormone may not have to make hard efforts for conversion of excess of sugar or glucose in your blood into energy. At least try to reduce and eliminate artificial sugars from your diet.

Secondly, diabetic people need to be active. It helps in improving the functions of pancreas. Hence beta cells of pancreas are able to produce requisite levels of this important hormone. This in turn aids in glucose or sugar conversion into energy. Even you may prefer incorporating certain yoga poses that are specifically meant to control sugar levels.

Also you may try some natural remedies such as intake of juice of bitter gourd on an empty stomach. Fenugreek seeds also show excellent results in diabetes control. Leaves of mango plant also show similar outcome for diabetic patients.

By now it is clear that diabetes is not absolutely curable in any medicine system. You can just control and manage it in a safe way by opting for diabetes ayurvedic treatment.

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