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Buying Guide for Air Purifiers

Author: Yashi Ganguly
by Yashi Ganguly
Posted: Aug 03, 2017
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The air pollution is a grim reality staring us in the face. All of us who live in cities and especially in metros know how hard it is to even breathe in dust and smoke laden city air. The situation gets worse when the air becomes heavy in the winter. Even for the rest of the year it is many times higher than the international standards, especially the PM 2.5 levels which harm us the most are never within the permissible limits. Many reasons can be attributed to the air pollution – traffic, industrial smoke, dust, burning fields and so on. Needless to say, we have no control over these factors.

Nevertheless, no one would like to fall sick due to various diseases that are caused by air pollution. Many people make the mistake of thinking that outdoor air pollution is the only pollution one needs to watch out for. However, various researchers have clearly established that it is not the outdoor air but the indoor air that we breathe for most of the time that is more injurious to our health. In cities where many people live in flats and apartments that are closed for the most part of the day have poor ventilation? Even the windows and ventilators are kept closed due to mosquitoes and stench in the air outside. This leads to stale air circulating in the home. There are many things in the house that contaminate the air; cleaning agents, rugs, paints, even your pets make the air a carrier of diseases.

The dirty and pollution-laden air from the vehicles trapped in is also a serious health hazard. Now, there are no shortcuts to deal with the ridiculously high-level of pollution. You have to be vigilant and take concrete steps to ensure good air quality in your premises; you could begin by keeping planters inside and opening your windows more often and allowing cross air through your apartment. However, a lasting solution can be found by buying the best air purifier that would ensure clean air 24x7.

However, when you go out to buy an air purifier, you ought to be well aware of various things that matter in an air purifier. We give you some tips that can come handy when you shop it on an electronic store or online:

Things to look for in an air purifier:

Brand: Air purifiers are relatively simple machines. Many different brands are selling these devices. Make sure that the air purifier you are buying uses HEPA filters because they are guaranteed to remove around 99 per cent pollutants. And always remember that filter is what air purifier is all about. Nirvana Being is a prestigious company that is known for selling and promoting good quality devices so you could check their website for best air purifiers.

Portability and weight: go with something that strikes the right balance between size and performance. A very small air purifier may look good but it may not have enough capacity to clean air in a room effectively. While a purifier that is too big may not be a good investment because you may have to use it as a fixed unit in one room.

Capacity: You won't really know how effective an air purifier is until you use it but while buying one look for the CADR (clean-air delivery rate); though many manufacturers try to hide this number from consumers. Better performing air purifiers have higher CADR number. Usually, anything above 300 is fantastic. Anything lower than 100 is not useful.

Other specs: Many brands sell their products with superfluous features: Some air purifiers claim to remove odor etc or claim to give chemical or electronic treatment to make the air purer. These are a nice feature to have but don't buy an air purifier solely because of these features. In fact, avoid air purifiers that claim to chemically treat air.

Noise: All air purifiers have fans and they make noise. But some are noisier than others. Avoid noisy air purifiers as noise pollution is also pollution.

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