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5 Important Factors That Indicate You Need a Child Custody Lawyer Sydney

Author: Carole Burger
by Carole Burger
Posted: Aug 07, 2017
child custody

Fighting over child custody case? Employ the service of a child custody lawyer Sydney. It’s not a matter for you to handle alone. As a parent, the most difficult moment in your life would be when you part ways with your child/children. No matter how rough a relationship you share with your ex-partner, your children will always be precious to you and you definitely want to have them by your side fighting all odds and complexities.

The Australian Law for Child Custody

The Australian Family Law does not have a legal concept of the term ‘custody’. However, they do believe in the practical concept of ‘custody’ judged on two parameters. Firstly, the ability of a parent to be able to make decisions for their child with respect to education, health, and the overall upbringing and secondly, an understanding of the amount of time the child spends with both parents.

Now are you someone who is tormented by the thought of losing your child? Are you struggling over deciding whether you need a child custody lawyer Sydney? Or would it be wise to represent the case yourself? Well below are some factors that you should definitely consider before walking into the courtroom without a child custody attorney Sydney.

  • A Complicated Case: Even though a child custody proceeding might start out as a simple case, it may give way to uncertain scenarios causing complications. So if your ex has changed his/her mind demanding complete custody of the child or if he/she tries to prove you wrong and unfit to look after the children or raise questions on your character, then to tactfully handle such complications you would definitely need an experienced child custody legal representative Sydney.
  • Cross Border Custody: If you and your ex reside in two different states or countries, things could seem a little difficult than expected. Different states and countries have different laws for child custody and hence you will need expert legal advice to handle your case well.
  • Denying Visits: If your ex has been preventing you from seeing your children by canceling meetings or avoiding communication with them through calls or any other means, you can certainly sense where things are heading and you shouldn’t take it lightly.
  • Order for Participation in special classes: Sometimes the court instructs you to participate in parental classes, anger management classes or some other counseling sessions or rehabilitation centers to deal with some of your weaknesses and addictions before demanding the custody of your child. Such a situation is very critical because the court already considers you unfit to take the responsibility of your child, thus making your ex’s case stronger than yours. Hence you should seek for a well-qualified child guardianship attorney Sydney to represent your case.
  • Change in circumstances: If you or your partner’s circumstances have changed significantly during the course of your proceeding or before you applied for your child’s custody, you should ensure that you appoint a kid legal representative Sydney to look into your matter. Such circumstances include relocation, remarriage, moving in with someone etc.
  • Summary

    It is certainly the best if parents mutually decide on the custody of their children but if you happen to identify that your situation revolves around one of the above parameters, then you should undoubtedly involve a child custody lawyer Sydney, to ensure that the court’s verdict is in your favor.

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    Author: Carole Burger

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