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Step-by-Step Guide to Filing Trademark in Morocco

Author: Abeis Cabinet
by Abeis Cabinet
Posted: Aug 09, 2017
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A trademark refers to assign, an expression, or a symbol, which is used to distinguish a product or a service from that of others. A trademark can be owned by any individual, business house, legal entity or an organization. It might be located on a label, stamps or even on the building of the particular organization for the sake of corporate identity. The trademark needs to be registered and filed for the eligibility to use a particular sign. Let us check out the step-by-step procedure of filing trade mark in Morocco:

  • Proper sorting needs to be done, in order to segregate the product or service. It enlists the particular product under the pre-described category to describe its functionality and productivity. In some of the exceptional cases, appointing an agent becomes mandatory. The agent can be a legal entity from the Moroccan law firms, who will file the trademark and complete the formalities on the behalf of the applicant.
  • The filing is accomplished at the head office or at the dedicated service areas.
  • Various formalities regarding the registration of the trademark are completed and then the file is accepted.
  • The submitted application is thoroughly reviewed and analyzed before accepting the registration. Further follow-up needs to be done within the span of three months in order to complete the required formalities. Then it is examined extensively to make sure it meets all the clauses that abide the industrial standards and then the trademark is published in the official catalog.
  • The published trademark remains in the official catalog for a couple of months, along with the website of the company.
  • After two months, if no protest arises for the published brand, then it gets officially registered. And the certificate for the registered trademark is given to the respective company.

The Act of Anti-counterfeiting

Counter feinting is the federal or state crime which involves distribution or manufacturing of goods under the name of any other company, without the proper official permission from the concerned company or person.

Now, being a layman, how to avoid getting counterfeited? It is suggested to look for the 3Ps, which refers to the price, packaging, and place. It remains the duty of the citizen of the respective country to stop the acts of counterfeiting, to make the country a healthier place to live in.

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