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The Importance of Giving and Receiving Awards

Author: Daniel Ashworth
by Daniel Ashworth
Posted: Aug 10, 2017
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Giving awards is the best way to recognize and commend a person’s achievements. These people who stand tall among the crowd are applauded for their special contribution through trophies, medals and the like in almost all areas; including schools, companies, entertainment and sporting events.

Awards and Sports

However, the areas where most awards are given are Sporting Events. From times immemorial, athletes have been recognized for their achievements in sports. Did you know that winning athletes were awarded an olive wreath in Greece back in 776 B.C?

What’s more, the Olympic medals are the most coveted awards across the globe till date.

Awards have however traversed a long journey from olive wreaths to gold and silver medals, trophies, plaques and others. What’s more, their benefits have widened their reach from sporting events to companies, schools and others. For, awards rarely fail to motivate people to maintain and improve their performance; whether they are sports persons, students or employees.

Benefits of Giving Awards

The value and importance of awards is much more than the value and cost of even the gold or silver in it. Awards possess special characteristics and serve an important function in society.

Here’s the importance of awards.

  • Awards, trophies and sports medals are not always made from expensive materials and metal. However, even a small award made from plastic, acrylic or crystal enhances the receiver’s social status.

For instance: While all students of a class are of the same age and study the same subjects with the same teachers, the student warded with the Student of the Year award is always looked upon as a winner and achiever.

  • An award receiver is mostly viewed by the giver as a valuable person. This mostly improves the relationship of the receiver and the giver.

For instance: A hard working, award-winning employee holds more value than the other employees.

  • Awards are a great way to uphold the status of one person from all the others possessing similar characteristics. For instance: One star performer is distinguished in the whole team for his contribution towards leading the entire team to win.

This is why awards are capable of motivating employees, students and sports persons to maintain and enhance their performance. What’s more, they also set standards for the others. The others then work towards achieving those standards and receiving the prestigious awards.

Receiving Awards

Awards are given with the intention of appreciating as well as motivating achievers and winners. However, even receiver’s desire awards; thanks to the special social status and recognition associated with them. In fact, in areas where awards are given, all the people strive to work towards receiving the award. Thus, awards work as motivational tools in all areas.

Haven’t you noticed students attending schools regularly to receive the Full Attendance Award? Haven’t you seen sports persons striving for the Olympic and sports medals and working towards receiving it for years? Employees perform to the best of their ability to receive the Employee of the Month Award.

So, begin the Awards culture in your area too.

About the Author

In this article, the author has shared his knowledge about trophies, medals, and plaques and the kinds of materials that are used for making the awards.

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