A Quick Guide to Different Types of Vaporizers

Author: Mark Taylor
by Mark Taylor
Posted: Aug 10, 2017

Vaporizers are not very new to the industry; still, a lot of people don’t know much about them. Ones who have been vaping for years are acquainted with the available options and have already staked out their preferences. However, if you are also a newbie to this section, let us make you familiar to different types of vaporizers pens.

Vape pens

Vape pens are smallest vaporizers available, and it is why they can be easily carried to anywhere. They can easily fit into your pocket, purse, or handbag. In addition, they don’t look conspicuous, and you can vape even at public places without inviting much attention. Depending upon the type, vape pens either support single or multiple materials – dry herbs, e-liquid, and vape concentrators. As a result, it has given rise to a wide array of vape pens, for example, herbal portable vaporizer, e-liquid vape pens, oil vape pen, wax vaporizer pen etc.

Portable vaporizers

Portable vape pens are larger than vape pens, and even their size is not very big, they are noticeable. Herbal Portable vaporizer pens offer lots of multi-functional option, like, concentrates, e-liquid, dry herbs, etc. It is why they come with a higher price tag. They are ideal to use at home. They are run on the battery which usually fuels the device for a minimum 2-3 hours.

Desktop vaporizer

Though desktop vaporizers can be easily packed and carried, they are generally used at home. They are too bulky to start vaping anywhere. They usually need a flat surface to rest on and also need a constant power supply to function. The biggest advantage of desktop vaporizers that attracts smokers is their authentic vaping experience. In addition, the quality of producing large quantities of vapor and reach to higher heat levels make them all the more attractive. If you want the best possible taste in vapor, the desktop vaporizer is an ideal choice. However, for a better experience, you will need to spend more bucks.

Hope this quick guide will help you decide the right vaporizer for yourself. Enjoy best vaping experience with your vaporizer pens.

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