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Complete Guide To Kidney Failure And Its Causes

Author: Ramdev Medicine
by Ramdev Medicine
Posted: Aug 18, 2017
kidney failure

Although most of us have heard the term called as kidney failure however only few people are completely aware about this serious and severe health condition. In medical science, kidney failure is also known as renal failure or end-stage renal disease (ESRD in short). It is worth noting that it is the last stage of the chronic kidney diseases. In simple words, kidney failure means stoppage of all the functions of the kidneys. It means your kidneys are no more able to perform the function of filtration of blood and removal of wastes from the body. When kidney failure occurs then the patient is unable to survive without medical aid, kidney dialysis or kidney transplant. It is really a serious and severe condition related to the human body.

Why does kidney failure occur?

Have you ever wondered what happens to kidneys all of sudden that they stop working? In simple words, why does kidney failure occur at all? It is worth noting that kidney failure doesn’t occur at once or suddenly. Rather there are certain health issues or conditions that may keep on causing damage to your kidneys slowly. These may go unnoticed and even you may not experience any severe symptoms at all for long time period. Let us now explore some of the common reasons for occurrence of kidney failure.

  • Diabetes or high blood sugar is one among the most common and major causes for occurrence of kidney failure. High levels of sugar present in the blood are not filtered in the kidneys. It keeps on circulating in the body and also deposit inside the kidneys thereby impairing the functions of the kidneys.

  • The second most common and major cause of kidney failure is the high blood pressure. Excessively high blood pressure exerts great pressure on the filtering units inside the kidneys and may cause damage to them. As a result, kidneys stop working normally.

  • Certain autoimmune diseases may also cause kidneys to stop performing their functions in a normal manner. As an instance, lupus and IgA nephropathy may cause kidney failure in some cases where these conditions go unnoticed for prolonged time periods.

  • In large numbers of cases, it is noted that genetic factors are responsible for causing kidney failure. For example, polycystic kidney disease that is present in a person by birth may ultimately result in kidney failure.

  • Nephrotic syndrome that is chiefly related to the filtration units called as nephrons inside the kidneys is also held responsible for causing kidney diseases.

  • Certain types of urinary tract problems may ultimately give rise to kidney failure. It may be noticed in such people where urinary tract problems occur more frequently.

  • In some cases, acute kidney injury may occur suddenly. Such type of kidney failure may be caused due to heart attack, improper flow of blood to the kidneys or use of certain medicines or drugs.

There are numerous treatment options including Baba Ramdev ayurvedic medicine for kidney. It is an excellent solution for kidney failure and such other kidney problems.

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