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Custom Tailored Clothing vs Mass Produced Generic Clothing

Author: Lussoleather Canada
by Lussoleather Canada
Posted: Aug 22, 2017

Clothing, from being a basic requirement of a human being to becoming a fashion statement, has come a long way. People have the choice of either selecting a custom-tailored clothing or mass produced generic clothing. Both the types of clothing have own set of pros and cons and it completely depends upon the consumers to buy either a custom-tailored clothing or mass produced clothing.

Custom Tailored and Mass Produced Clothing

Custom Tailored - Custom tailored clothing are crafted to flatter the wearer’s body, as these articles are made with every detail given by the consumer. Fit, style and materials preference are given by the customer along with the custom details according to which the clothing is made. The buyers need to wait till their clothing is being stitched or made.

Mass Produced - Mass produced clothing are made as per a generic size and specification and can be immediately purchased and taken home. The biggest benefit of mass produced clothing is that these are cost effective and easily accessible. If time is limited for a consumer, then one can simply buy a dress of one's choice from a store.

Differences between Custom Tailored and Mass Produced Clothing

Let us discuss some key differences between custom-tailored and mass-produced clothing:

Fit - Custom tailored clothing are crafted after including every detail requested by the person, thus these clothing offer a perfect fit and boost the overall appearance of the person. Mass produced clothing is made in a general size and specification thus the fitting of these clothes will vary from one individual to another. One person might just find the fitting of the clothes to be perfect whereas another person might need to make some alteration in order to get a perfect fit.

Style – Custom tailored clothing are designed and crafted as per the individual's choice and specification whereas mass produced clothing would have to be accepted as it is. However, there are some basic categories of styles in which the mass produced clothing are crafted but the custom-tailored clothing can be designed selecting the elements that the person chose to create their own distinctive style of clothing.

Materials - Mass-produced clothing come in a limited choice of standard fabrics because manufacturers of such clothing usually stick to some popular materials of the past decades like cotton, linen and polyester whereas in custom-tailored clothing people can select from an extensive range of sublime fabrics offered by some reputed mills. Besides some of the old favorites available like cotton, linen and silk, people also have to option to choose less common option like alpaca and angora to make the clothing.

Quality - The custom-tailored clothing are superior in cut, fabric quality and fit whereas the mass-produced clothing are available in a wide range of quality standards that varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. In customized clothing a person can customized every detail from stitching to buttons as per their choice while maintaining the quality of fabrics as well as craftsmanship whereas the mass-produced clothing are designed and crafted as per a specific quality standard.

Price – Mass produced generic clothing are comparatively affordable in price compared to custom-tailored clothing. Mass production factories purchase fabrics in bulk for making of clothing that considerably reduces prices so mass-produces clothing are sold at an affordable price range. On the hand hand individual purchase fabric in limited quantity for the making of clothing so the fabrics are offered at its normal price. Even the stitching cost of the custom-tailored clothing are more compared to mass-produced clothing so custom-tailored clothing turn out to be bit expensive compared to mass-produced clothing.

Personalization Options – Custom-made clothing are designed and crafted keeping in mind the choice and requirements of an individual and hence all the personalization options given by the individual are incorporated in the making the dresses whereas mass-produced clothing are designed and crafted as per the general size and specification and hence any choice or option of any individual is not included, so there is a lack of personalization is mass-produced clothing.


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