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4 Secret Exam Techniques Taught at The Best ACCA Classes in Mumbai

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Aug 23, 2017
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As the financial capital of the nation, Mumbai has long been the major hub for financial studies in India. Some of the best institutes for finance and accountancy related studies are based here. Even though ACCA training in Mumbai is the very best you can expect in the country, several candidates attempt to clear the exams on their own. Unless exceptionally gifted, it is extremely rare that individual candidates can clear each paper with only self study. With 14 papers to clear, and vast range of subjects; it becomes extremely confusing for most students. While students from good ACCA classes in Mumbai usually complete the preparation process within 3 years; it often takes an individual several more years with self study.

Here are 4 examination secrets that you would only get learn about at professional ACCA training institutes -

#1 - The Division of Study Time: Among the critical tricks of the trade taught at the best ACCA classes in Mumbai is a systematic way to divide your study time strategically. The ACCA syllabus is vast; so most candidates have a tough time deciding which subjects to study first. Experts from the industry and top scorers have identified certain patterns of study which may help save time and effort. The fundament concept revolves around selecting related topics like F2 (Management Accounts) and F9 (Financial Management) to study in a comparative method.

  1. Stressing on the Professional Courses: It is very important to remember that out of the 12 mandatory papers, the Professional Essentials (P1 to P3) are the toughest. While the Fundamental Papers (F1 to F9) would be a revision of your past studies as a student of Commerce; the professional papers dive very deep into the topics. All the experts suggest that candidates should carefully plan their progress when studying any of the Professional Papers. These papers are not only complicated, but also a much larger subject to cover. These are P1- Governance, Risks & Ethics; P2- Corporate Reporting; and P3- Business Analysis.
  2. Exemptions in Training: When applying for ACCA training in Mumbai, a candidate can be exempted from certain specific papers depending on their prior qualifications. For students who have completed certain qualifications like MCom, IPCC, or Chartered Accountancy courses from ICAI; they are exempted from some of the Fundamental Level papers according to their specialization. However, it is also important to remember that certain Professional Level exams may be related, and you may need to brush up on these topics to score better marks.
  3. Understanding the Exam Kit: The best ACCA classes in Mumbai come with a comprehensive self-study Exam Kit which helps the student prepare better. As soon as you finish studying one chapter, it is important to immediately start the corresponding section on the Exam Kit to assess your understanding of that topic. Unfortunately, selective study is not an option for the ACCA course other than the last two Professional Level Optional Papers.

Looking to join ACCA training in Mumbai at one of the best institutes for this extremely competitive financial course? Zell Education provides each candidate the individual attention and resources necessary to be successful in this global competitive examination.

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Author: Sameer Tendulkar

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