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Diagnosed with Diabetes? 3 Reasons You Need a Medical Alert Necklace

Author: Julie Hanson
by Julie Hanson
Posted: Aug 23, 2017

Diabetes is a chronic condition that is estimated to affect more than 3.4 million Canadians. Requiring a delicate balancing act to ensure that health is maintained over the long run, this condition also demands that people who are diagnosed with it take certain precautions. Wearing a medical alert necklace or bracelet is one of them.

Newly diagnosed diabetics will find that medical alert jewelry for women, men and children is strongly advised for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics. This is especially so if medications are required to control the condition, but holds true even if diet and exercise are enough to maintain blood sugar levels. Here are just a few of the reasons to make sure a medical alert bracelet or necklace is worn at all times:

  • Low blood sugar can be a real problem – Low blood sugar attacks can be especially dangerous for diabetics for many reasons. One of those reasons lies in the fact that diabetics may become very confused and agitated if their sugar levels plummet. If this occurs, first responders and other may mistake low blood sugar symptoms for other causes, such as combativeness or drunkenness. Medical bracelets, Toronto residents will discover, provide a fast way for first responders to determine the source of the problem. This, in turn, can result in the appropriate action being taken. Diabetics experiencing low blood sugar issues need glucose immediately to protect their health.
  • Accidents happen – When accidents or injuries occur that are completely unrelated to diabetes, patients may not always be able to speak on their own behalf. First responders, however, need to know they are working on a diabetic to ensure the safest, most appropriate care is provided. A medical alert necklace can speak on a person’s behalf.
  • Lifesaving information is more quickly relayed – Well-designed medical alert bracelet for kids designs and those for adults can relay vital information much more quickly than a distressed person can. Information such as medications, doctor contact and next of kin can be scanned in seconds.

Diabetics have a lot on their plates to deal with. A medical alert necklace or bracelet can take a big worry away. By providing vital medical information immediately, these special pieces of jewelry can and do save lives.

About the Company

Medic Engraved is a leading provider of medical alert necklace and jewelry designs across Canada. The company takes great pride in delivering visually attractive, but highly useful necklaces and bracelets to customers across the country and beyond.

About the Author

Julie Hanson is a medical professional who retired recently.

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Author: Julie Hanson

Julie Hanson

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