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How To Choose Windshield Wiper Blades For Your Car

Author: Syed Tutul
by Syed Tutul
Posted: Aug 28, 2017
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Types Of Wiper Blades

There is no shying away from the fact that most car owners do not get excited about the set of best wipers blade attached to their cars. To be honest, wipers are not considered important enough to talk about and even most people do not think to change their wipers until maybe a lot of snow falls or a monsoon. Either way, it is an important safety measure that we do not pay attention to.

To drive safely, a driver must have a clear view of the road and the only way to have a clear view is to have a clear and clean windscreen. Windshield wiper blades do all the dirty work on the windscreen, so why should we not pay utmost attention to them as automobile owners?

This article will discuss the importance of wiper blade are and how to choose windshield wiper blade for your car. One thing that every automobile owner must know is that buying wipers is not just about strolling into a store and picking out any wiper set on the shelves. There are choices to be made based on a number of factors and this article will be discussing just that.

Traditional frame-style wipers

This type of wiper blade is the most common and can be easily found. Its build is made up of a metal framework on which the actual wiper is built on or mounted. The actual wiper is usually a strip of either halogen-hardened rubber or ordinary rubber with a piece of metal keeping it sturdy. Most of the vehicles on the road today have the traditional frame-styled wipers and this type of wiper is the most affordable too.

Winter Wipers

In terms of functionality, the winter wiper blade is a complete upgrade from the traditional wipers we are normally used to. Winter wipers are more suited for harsh weather conditions that make driving difficult such as winter with a lot of snow. Winter wipers are usually the traditional wipers encased in protective rubber shell to make them resistant to ice and snow. These wipers are also quite durable.

Protective beam-style wipers

There will always be drivers who would want to go for high-end stuff. These types of drivers have an option choose from a wide range of premium beam-style wiper blades. Of course, being premium, these blades are more expensive but they look quite attractive and the makers have claimed that they last longer than any other type of wiper blades.

Premium wipers do not incorporate the build of traditional wipers in their design. Instead, they feature a single piece design with not too many parts. There is a spring-steel band which makes the wiper bend to fit the windshield’s curvature. There is also the presence of silicon and the application of double rubber technology.

Choosing the right wiper blades

Different manufacturers of wipers have filled the market with a wide variety of these three types of the wiper blade, so making a choice could be a bit of a hard task. However, choosing the right wiper blade for your vehicle is very easy. Check your vehicle’s owner manual to know what kind of wiper your vehicle uses or use other vehicle information sources to find wiper blades that are compatible with your vehicle make, model and year. When you finally make the decision to purchase your wiper blades, it would be best if you change both. Usually, wiper blades should not be used for more than a year maximum, depending on the quality of the wiper blades and the driving conditions during that period.

It is worthy to note that, replacing your wiper blades is not only dependent on how long you have been using it. If you notice that your windshield is not getting properly cleaned, then you should consider getting new wiper blades.

Having your wiper blades replaced

There are three common wiper blades; the bayonet, the side post and J hook. These blades depend on a part of the wiper to stay firmly in place. This makes installation and removal easy. In the case of the two-screw bayonet wiper blade, however, a specific wiper blade will be needed as well as a screwdriver to install or remove.

Manufacturers of wiper blade make new blades to come with universal hardware so that different arms of wiper blade styles can function well, although some vehicles will not work with some wipers unless some specific features are added.

In replacing your wipers, be patient and do not rush. You could also have someone at the auto parts store to replace them for you. Thinking about ensuring your windshield is clear? Consider checking your windshield washer fluid. With enough and quality fluid, ice, road grime, and the bug will not be able to stick or smear your windshield. The winter washer fluid is a great option, as opposed to the cheap blue stuff we see all over the place.

So there it goes! All you need to know about your wipers blade and choosing the right and best wiper blades for your vehicle.

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