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Savour The Taste of India’s Finest Tea Selection for Pleasures of High-Life

Author: Karma Kettle
by Karma Kettle
Posted: Aug 29, 2017

If you are aware of the essence of being born as a human then thank the Lord for his blessings. Being born as a human is believed to be a pay-off for good karma for several incarnations. Well, we never dare to challenge this long held belief because this lets us explore, enjoy and experience the finer of life. We take the pleasure to accept that we definitely pleased the Lord to have been born as human, how else could we appreciate the goodness of tea!

Our souls readily connect with the emanating aroma of freshly brewed tea. That’s something most of us wake up to and also for it. Not morning is complete without a cup of tea, or ‘kullad ki chai’ (tea in earthen cups). It’s not the mornings, but we need tea as a ritual before beginning out work, to activate our creativity, to relish our nostalgia, to better debate, or for a quick break, or to find a momentous escape and more. The reasons may vary and some might even surprise you; there might even be no reason at all, our love for tea is unconditional! More so because of India’s finest tea selection is so readily available.

Karma Kettle is a one point stop for surprising varieties of tea. In fact, it is one of the best places to buy authentic tea online in India. If you have dreamed about a store, more prominently a tea boutique with numerous varieties of tea, then it is the place to be at. One can be easily mesmerised by its exotic collection, curated information which is can an absolute pleasure hunt for a tea lover and even for someone who has, until now, stayed away from tea.

The exclusivity of tea produced in some of the finest tea estates in India, is talked about in regions across the world. Buy tea online in India to experience how the richness of its taste and aroma has even enchanted the British during its rule in the sub-continent. They have embraced it with no reservations. Whether it is in a royal cup, glass or in an earthen cup, it is highly indulging. This pretty much explains why it loved by all and sundry.

Must Know Tea Facts

When you buy delicious Indian tea online, do you know you that can even have a decaffeinated version? Tea with no caffeine content is a reality now, and more and more people are opting for this super power tea. Let’s check out some more interesting facts about tea.

  • Tea leaves have a natural tendency to absorb moisture from its surroundings. So if you are storing tea, then make sure to use a properly sealed container to store your tea. Soggy tea leaves are the worst thing that you can allow to mess with.
  • It is largely believed that for centuries, tea was used as a medicine before it became one of the most popular beverages.
  • Some components in tea are active as natural mosquito repellents. So you can dampen it and use tea leaves for avoiding mosquitoes too!
  • If you buy loose tea, you can use it for two years. It has a long life span!
  • Your love for tea can even pay you good. With a sharp sense of taste you can become a tea-taster. It is one of the highest paying jobs.

Karma Kettle is a premium tea brand with exotic tea collection. Buy Darjeeling First Flush from its Celebration Series would be an ideal one to start your journey with tea.

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Karma Kettle is offering Darjeeling First Flush, Second Flush, Autumnal Flush teas at a reasonable price.

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