Homemade Dog Treats vs Buying Dog Treats Online

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Posted: Sep 01, 2017

You are what you eat, or so the saying goes. When it comes to nutritious dog food for your canine companions, this holds equally true. No pet owner can afford to ignore the diet factor and clearly, people care about giving their pets premium food. Commercial versus homemade treats is a subject which has been the focus of a lot of debate regarding whether store-bought or homemade food is better for your four-legged friend. Every pet owner wonders whether healthier choices flooding the market are worth it.

Home Food versus Online Store Bought

US FDA Approval

Commercial dog food, in contrast to homemade dog treats, is more likely to contain the right balance of nutrients for your pet pooch. Their ingredients are regulated by the US FDA and ingredients are chosen based on factors like cost, taste, ease of digestion and nutritional content. Complete commercial food meets the requirement of regulatory authorities which issue a set of nutritional guidelines for dog food manufacturers. The products are verified to meet these guidelines. Bingo Pet treats such as rawhide dog chew sticks and bones are the perfectly nutritious sustenance your pet needs.

Natural Preservatives

Natural means preservatives in food that are 100% organic. This ensures that your pet gets commercial food which contains zero chemicals or additives. Moreover, products like Bingo Buffalo Smoked Shank Bone Dog Chew Treats are made from 100% grass fed buffaloes. So, you can be sure of giving your dog the nutrition it needs. With a homemade diet, it can be tough to know if your pet is getting the most nutritious food its body needs.

Safety Factor

Pet food is regulated and cannot contain items like feathers or hooves as per the law. The organs used are rendered into dried protein power or meals. Protein-rich food is an excellent source of amino acids for your pet pooch. All dogs need a wholesome diet comprising carbs and proteins. Commercial food offers the perfect balance.

Research Backed Online Commercial Dog Treats

Many owners give their dogs homemade treats without considering factors like food safety and nutritional integrity. In contrast, commercial manufacturers who sell dog food online carry out careful research on the ingredients, the safety aspects and the nutritional value of their products. So, trust commercial food sold online if you want supplies that are healthy and beneficial for your dog.

Consistently First Grade Food

Another point in which homemade food fails to score is consistency. Most of the time, the preparation does not follow a particular procedure with people adding, substituting or omitting items based on their availability. Measuring the ingredients according to standard measures is also something most home treats miss out on.

Meeting Your Dog's Daily Requirements

Protein, fat, carbs, calcium or essential fatty acids are a vital part of your dog's diet. Meat or some bones are not enough to sustain them. Added calcium and essential vitamins and minerals are essential and so is a diet comprising a mixture of all the nutrients. Commercial food offers good bone mineralization, lowering the risk of fractures and secondary hyperparathyroidism. To meet the energy needs of your dog, commercial online food takes into account factors like age, weight, gender and breed to recommend even the portion servings.

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