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Non-surgical nose job before and after

Author: Keem Toul
by Keem Toul
Posted: Sep 05, 2017

The focal point of the face could be defined as the eyes, mouth and the nose. If you have a nose bump or your feel your nose is asymmetrical or you have a droopy nose tip, this could immensely impair your confidence level and even self-esteem. A couple of years ago, the solution to nose reshaping was to undergo a surgical nose job which is technically known as the surgical Rhinoplasty. The procedure was painful and required some patients to be hospitalized for a few days. While surgical nose job still remains to be the main solution for major size and shape changes, a big majority of the issues that are faced by patients often pertain to moderate nose reshaping or re-contouring with nonsurgical nose job which is also known as the mini-rhinoplasty.

The nonsurgical nose job has risen in popularity over the years and makes the use of dermal fillers such as Hyaluronic acid to straighten out a nasal profile or smooth out a nasal bump. The procedure is non-invasive and can only make the use of anesthesia to reduce any form of pain or discomfort. A topical numbing cream is applied to the top of the nose and a dermal filler such Volume and Radiesse is injected into the nose in very small amounts in order to fill nose depressions, to smooth out nose angles and change the angle of the tip of the nose so as to restore symmetry and help the nose blend in with the rest of your face. When comparing nonsurgical nose job before and after photos, the results can be mind-blowing. Below are some of the results after the non-surgical procedure:

1. Correct nose deviations

Not everyone was born with a correct size and shaped nose. Other people were given birth with nose deformities. Some people have a crooked nose and very significant nose bumps. People in such situations often with that they could do something so that they could bring out a natural pleasing look and restore the facial harmony. A nonsurgical nose job is perfect in such circumstances.

2. Improve breathing problems

A nose that is improperly shaped can bring breathing problems. With Rhinoplasty the nose can be reshaped and can be a solution to this kind of problem.

3. Career improvement

Some careers such as modeling require some specific standards of beauty and in some circumstances; you might be sidelined if you don't have the correct shape of the nose. Well, after a nose job, this defect can be easily corrected and this cannot limit you to get your desired kind of job.

4. Enhanced confidence

A good nose brings out a beautiful face and this increases your level of confidence. You can speak to people more confidently and this can be a major improvement to one's self-esteem.

5. Bullying

Statistics have it that 70% of teens request this kind of operation because of bullying in high school. This can ruin the life of your child if not done due to intimidation from other students.

The non surgical nose job before and after photos will show significant changes. If you are facing any problem with your nose, it's advisable to consult a specialized doctor in order to correct your problems and bring out a smile on your face.

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