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Yoga For Thyroid Treatment Helping Millions All Over

Author: Yesh Sharma
by Yesh Sharma
Posted: Sep 07, 2017
treating thyroid

Are you suffering from Thyroid? Are you curious to know how Yoga can help treating Thyroid? Are you looking for seeking Yoga for Thyroid Treatment as a natural remedy?

Thyroid disorder can happen to anyone. The problem is people are not aware of Thyroid. It usually occurs in women as compared to men. The stressful life is the biggest factor behind such a troublesome disorder. It is prevailing all over and luckily many treatments are available to cure it. But if you few minutes in Yoga, you will find more relief from stress, which is the biggest factor behind treating Thyroid.

Contribution of Yoga Exercises in Reducing Thyroid Disorder: There are two types of Thyroid Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism. For both of these disorders, Yoga technique work perfectly. However, medication is indeed important to treat thyroid but along with this Yoga will help to treat the thyroid symptoms with ease. Though all the asana are workable in treating thyroid but some of the poses are recommended that are absolutely fit in treating Thyroid.

Recommended Yoga for Hypothyroidism:

  • Fish Pose
  • Plow Pose
  • Cat Stretch
  • Shoulder Stand
  • Inverted Pose
  • One-legged Forward Bend
  • Fast-paced Sun Salutation
  • breathing techniques
  • Nadi Shodhan
  • Bhastrika
  • Ujjayi breathing
  • Recommended Yoga for Hypothyroidism:

      • Bridge Pose
      • Cat Stretch
      • Child Pose
      • Corpse Pose
      • Slow-paced Surya Namaskara
      • Ujjayi
      • Bhramari
      • Nadi Shodhan

      Cooling pranayamas like Sheetali pranayama and Sheetkari are effective in dealing with hyperthyroidism symptoms.

    Along with Yoga practice in routine, chant Om every day for few minutes. A small activity in which you need to put your hands on thyroid gland and feel that it is inhaled will work in a positive way. The positive effects of chanting will work on thyroid gland. Yoga Nidra is also recommended in thyroid. When a person is in Hyperthyroidism condition then sleep may be difficult. Since Yoga Nidra is highly beneficial to treat sleeplessness, go for it for sufficient rest and a deep sleep.

    Where to learn Yoga for Thyroid? RYP or Rishikesh Yoga Prakash offer 200 Hour Yoga Teacher traning course help in treating diseases such as Thyroid. The trained Yoga teachers will give all details of the Yoga asana needed for curing thyroid.

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