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Organic Green Tea- Benefits and how to buy it

Author: Abhishek Dixit
by Abhishek Dixit
Posted: Sep 08, 2017
green tea

Green has been the talk of the town since the past decade. Ever since the properties of this amazing brew came out in the open, everyone embraced it with open arms. Green Tea is very rich in antioxidants, therefore improving the overall health of the body. That apart, green tea helps in warding off a number of fatal diseases, becoming one of the most popular teas in the world.

Though green teas are really good for the health, many times the ones we buy from the departmental stores, are not as good as we expect them to be. We can buy from online tea store like Green tea, grown in ordinary conditions does not contain the flavor and nutrients which it should have. It so happens, that to maintain the market demands, companies tend to compromise on the quality of the tea. Overuse of synthetic chemicals as fertilizers along with the use of herbicides and pesticides, take away from the natural properties of this tea. More than that, over processing, robs it of its natural goodness; the main reason it is consumed in the first place. So should you just stop having green tea? Well no! All you need to do is buy certified,organic green tea, has many benefits and some of them are mentioned as follows:

  • It aids with weight loss• It improves the overall skin health• Improves the body’s metabolism• Lowers the risk of cancer• Helps in keeping type 2 diabetes in check • Prevents cardiovascular diseases• Prevent Parkinson’s disease• Helps in warding off Alzheimer’s• Stabilises the sugar levels in the body• Reduces infection in the system• Improves brain function

It is imperative to go organic when it comes to teas. Organic farming is followed by farmers who believe in the sustainable development of the soil. These farmers grow their produce without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other synthetic elements. These factors keep the tea away from all hazardous substances which can lead to more harm than good. The organic certification becomes increasingly important because, only then there will be a validation, that the green tea is in its purest form and grows in the best conditions possible, devoid of all chemical substances.

Regular consumption of 2 to 3 cups of green tea on a daily basis can bring about a positive change in the long run. If you haven’t developed this healthy habit, then the aforementioned benefits of this miraculous cuppa will help you retrospect and introduce green tea to your daily diet.

Apart from being a healthy beverage, it is a mood booster. You can have long conversations with your friends and family, over a cup of green tea, or just take a break from work to enjoy this healthy brew.

If you struggle to find organic green tea in the market or doubt the authenticity of the product being provided to you, then all you have to do is log on to and pick up your favourite tea. Not only are the teas of the highest quality, the pricing is very good too! If you love your teas, then you will be certainly hooked to this website for your regular supply of tea leaves.

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Author: Abhishek Dixit

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