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Why Prefer Using Yii Framework 2.0 Even After The Release Of Yii 1.1.18?

Author: Jane Reyes
by Jane Reyes
Posted: Sep 12, 2017

The biggest challenge faced by developers these days is creating finest website and applications in the least possible time. And undoubtedly, Yii is considered as the best PHP framework in the industry that allows a developer to complete the project within the estimated time without compromising on the quality. Recently, the Yii has announced the release of its latest version 1.1.18 in the month of April 2017. The release is an updated version of Yii 1.1 which accepts all the security fixes and is compatible enough with PHP 7.

Yii framework development version 1.1.18 allows the developer to keep their servers PHP version up to date in the environments especially where old Yii 1.1 applications are hosted. The company also revealed that Yii1.1.18 is compatible with PHP 7.1 for security support until December 1, 2019. Well, I would personally recommend using Yii 2.0 for your upcoming web projects. Do you know why?

Easy to install

For a web developer, time is money and nobody wants to spend their precious time on a complicated installation and configuration procedures. In Yii framework 2.0, installation is handled with the help of a composer. Besides, I favor using the basic application template even if the site has a separate front and backend component.

Incorporates Modern Technology

Being a pure OOP framework, Yii framework development takes advantages of some of PHP’s more advanced features such as late static binding, SPL classes, and interfaces or anonymous functions. Moreover, it also allows you to define aliases which will result by simplifying your namespaces. Here the framework itself is installed using composer.

Highly Expandable

Yii is like a suit that looks great off of the rack while on the other hand, it is also very easy to tailor to fit right according to client’s needs and requirements. The good news is that each and every component of Yii framework development is highly extensible.

Simplifies security

Security is one of the most crucial parts of any web application. Thankfully, Yii incorporates some great features to help ease your mind. The security component exposes several methods to help assist in creating more secure apps. Some of the useful methods are:-

  • Generate password Hash- Generate a secure hash from a password and a random salt. The method of making a random salt for you and creating a hash from the supplied string using PHP’s crypt function is worth considering.
  • Validate password- This function is a companion to generate password hash which allows a professional to check whether the user supplier password matches your store hash.
  • Generate Random Key- Allows you to create a random string of any length.

Like any good framework, Yii framework development company helps in creating web applications pretty quick and make sure they perform well for the end users. Other than using most of its feature in an exact manner, you can even modify right according to your need and requirement.

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Jane Reyes is working as a writer, editor and blogger. Through my posts, I would like to share my skills & knowledge with Tech-Geeks residing across the globe.

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