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Author: Maral Overseas
by Maral Overseas
Posted: Sep 12, 2017

Fleece fabrics are produced synthetically and are currently used to manufacture various types of garments. Don’t confuse them with the natural fleece found on the outer surface of the sheep. Most of the fleece fabric manufacturers use synthetic materials in to create a wide variety of products. Most of them are manufactured by polyester.

They are known for their smoothness and fluffiness. They are perfect to wear in the winter season. They normally look plain or brushed from the outside while from the inside they normally have a ruffled look providing the required warmness. The popular sweatshirt and jackets are the prime examples of clothing made of this fabric.

These are some of the major types of fleece fabrics found in the market:

  • Micro fleece • Brushed
  • Anti-pill • Polar
  • Bamboo • Cotton
  • Blizzard • Velour
  • Micro chamois • Glacier
  • Berber • Coral
  • Sherpa • Jersey
  • Cuddle • Minky

They are preferred over the natural materials because of the fact that they offer good wicking capability against water. The natural material normally absorbs the water or moisture from the body and becomes heavy. On the other hand, the synthetic material pulls the water or moisture and evaporates it through its outer layer.

All the products made by fleece fabric manufacturers are really easy to care. They are easily washable in machine. They are advised to tumble dry only and to never use iron on them. They are pretty lightweight that gives easy carrying option. They don’t normally stretch unless you dry them in the most absurd way. They provide great insulation that ultimately results in warmness in the winter season.

They are the current fashion trend in the winter season. Apart from the versatile clothing range, they are also available in various categories such as blankets, hats, pants, pillows, purse, scarves, mittens, etc. They are available in various price-points with multiple color patterns. The garments are firm favorites among the younger generation.

The above-mentioned fleece fabrics differ slightly from each other. They are manufactured keeping in mind various conditions e.g. purpose of their wearing, climate of any particular region, price, etc. For such reasons, people have to select them carefully. Most of the people don’t know about their various categories. They just want clothes that work in certain weather conditions.

A bit of research can prove to be quite beneficial for them. They can learn about the specifications from the retail outlets. Many people nowadays purchase clothing items and accessory from the various online stores. The best part here is that the specifications are clearly mentioned online by the fleece fabric manufacturers for the help of customers. Irrespective of the buying medium, people should get every bit of information in order to buy the best product for themselves.

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