Tips To Choose the Right Pearl Earring

Author: Akash Sethi
by Akash Sethi
Posted: Sep 13, 2017

Pearl gives a classic, elegant and always sophisticated appeal. Just like candy in a candy shop, pearls also come in many shapes and sizes such as round, oval and baroque. They also come in different colors such as white, silver, pink, and black. A pearl has a characteristic of capturing and reflecting light that makes it match almost any color. At a quick glance, all pearls look like the same. There are many things you need to consider while choosing a pearl earring, pearl rings, pearl necklaces, etc. Here is a simple guide to choosing the right pearl earring for you.

The Luster of a Pearl

A pearl’s beauty lies in its luster. If the luster of a pearl is strong, it will show a strong reflection. If the luster of the pearl is high, then it reflects like a mirror and appears to glow. If the pearl has a poor luster, it will give a muddy or distorted reflection. So when buying a pearl earring, one of your focuses should be the luster of the pearl.

Styles of Earring

Pearls always have a great look with diamond accents. Earrings with a round or teardrop pearl are eye-catching and give an elegant look. Short dangly earrings give a professional look, whereas a long chandelier earrings suits are for evening wear.

Pearl Color

Pearls are available in many colors. White pearls are considered to be the versatile color choice for the women wearing pearls. In general, black pearls are not black; they contain overtones with a range of 27 different colors. Pink and lavender pearls suits well for spring wear and summer wear when matched correctly. Blue and green pearls give an exotic look.


If you are purchasing a pearl earring from any jewelry store, look for pearls having the certificate of authenticity or pearls that have been appraised so that you can be sure that you are buying the original pearl.

Grading Pearl Quality:

Pearls are rated based on size, luster, color, surface quality and the thickness of nacre. There are two types of system to grade the pearls; one is AAA system, and the other is A – D system. In AAA system, the lowest quality pearl is rated as A and the highest as AAA. On the other hand, in A – D system the lowest quality pearl is rated as D and the highest as A. So you can decide which of this quality pearl can suit your budget.

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