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3 Common Pool Maintenance Tasks

Author: Kevin Smith
by Kevin Smith
Posted: Sep 13, 2017

The summer swelter is a great time to have access to your own swimming area, as you can jump in for a quick dip whenever the heat gets too intense. While private pools are great upgrades for any house, it’s important to understand the ongoing costs associated with owning one of these installations. Before you break ground on this home improvement project, you should find out about the businesses that offer pool maintenance supplies in Duluth or any other neighboring city. Here are three common ongoing tasks that you’ll have to accomplish as an owner.


When you’re done swimming for the summer, you can’t just leave the pool sitting unattended in the backyard, as it’s a fragile installation that needs preparation. Moisture has a habit of expanding when it freezes, and that could cause significant damage to the pool’s pipes and hoses if you let it happen. You’ll need to drain an appropriate amount of water before blowing air through all of the lines and plugging them to prevent liquid incursion. After dosing the remaining fluid with winterization chemicals, you can put the cover on and start counting the days until spring arrives.


A swimming area is an attractive feature for any backyard, but it only maintains its aesthetics if you’re zealous about keeping it clean. When you head to a store that sells pool maintenance supplies in Duluth, you’ll need to get chlorine, skimmers, brushes, vacuums and other components to maintain the crystal-clear water you expect to see in your backyard. If you don’t have time to handle the cleaning on your own, there are plenty of local services available to take care of this chore for you.

Pump Maintenance

To avoid buildup of algae and other impurities, swimming pools have elaborate pumping systems designed to keep water constantly moving. A pump has hundreds of different parts, and continuous operation will eventually take its toll. To minimize the impact on your equipment, you should be vigilant about maintenance for the various components. You’ll need to replace filters, lubricate motors, check for moisture leaks and clean out the vents to allow proper cooling.

Maintain Your Investment

These are just three ongoing projects you’ll need to undertake when you install a swimming area at your home, but make sure you read all of your manufacturer’s literature to ensure compliance with your warranty. If you need help with any of these tasks, you can ask the staff at your source for pool maintenance supplies in Duluth.

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