5 truck driving Secrets You Never Knew

Author: Oliver Davis
by Oliver Davis
Posted: Sep 19, 2017

When people imagine making a career out of trucking in Australia, they are going to be a part of one of the biggest industries in the country. Whether it's a simple Medium Rigid truck on a local route; or high profile MC driving jobs in Melbourne - the rules are quite strict. Not only do professional truckers have to abide by several regulations, but there are certain trade secrets that can only be learnt by experience.

While you may find several MC or MR truck driving jobs in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane; the employers will do their best to select the most experienced professional truckers. Here are 5 secrets of truck driving in Australia which will help you get better opportunities -

  1. Different Kinds of Schedules: Sometimes, when you accept a consignment across the country, especially with Multi Combination vehicles, you may have several stops to make. However, these are between cities, and not as complicated. Medium Rigid trucks on the other hand, transit very short in-city or two city routes. There are frequent courier stops, so the driver has to follow a very densely packed schedule within an extreme deadline.
  2. Find the Right Assignments: It is difficult to find freelance assignments whether you're looking to drive smaller trucks, or MC driving jobs in Melbourne because of the competition. Many companies hire drivers on a contractual basis, while others pay by weight or duration of the route. Certain online listing websites however, specialize in truck and commercial driving jobs. These help connect professional truckers with independent employers.
  3. Have the Proper Paperwork: One of key necessities for professional truck driving in Australia is having the right vehicle class permit. A driver can be hired for MR truck driving jobs in Melbourne and other cities of Australia after about a year of training under the right institution. To drive a Multi Combination road train on the other hand, takes consistent experience with heavy vehicles, and at least 5 to 6 years of career trucking.
  4. Learn the Route You're Working On: If you have decided to look for trucking work in a city like Melbourne, you would have some experience of the professional system. If you are looking for long haul contracts however, traveling from Melbourne to other cities; you need to carefully study the roadways and routes. These days, you can study the route on online tools like Google Maps before you approach the employer to improve your chances.

#5 - Negotiate the Payment: It is an important rule amongst professional truckers to negotiate their rates and compensations. While MR truck driving job will usually be a salaried profile with fixed duty hours; long haul trucking is a very different. Drivers who drive Heavy or Multi Combination vehicles often need to negotiates cash expenses like food and lodging along their long routes, some of which may last for weeks!

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