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The Two Popular Types Of BBQ Grills In Use Today

Author: Armstrong Louis
by Armstrong Louis
Posted: Sep 19, 2017

Preparing a toothsome meal within the comforts of your own house for your family is truly a gratifying feeling. BBQ grilling has been one of America’s favourite food activities for a long time and the demand an appropriate grilling set up is still gradually increasing. With advancements in technology, BBQ grills for sale, come in two variants; Gas fuelled and charcoal fuelled. This article aims to educate readers about these two types in detail. (Information credit: The Original Flame)

Gas Grills

Typically using either propane (LP) or natural gas (NG) as fuel, gas grills are used for cooking food directly or by heating up various grilling components. The grilling components in turn radiate the heat which is used for grilling and cooking food. Gas grills come in various models which vary in shape and size as well as functionality.

Small, single steak grills, are available in the market, which aid in personal or domestic use. However, most restaurants use industrial sized grills for catering to a large population of consumers on a daily basis. The fuel source can be converted at any time from one source to another.

Important characteristics:

  1. They reach temperatures ranging between 400 to 600 °F, making them perfect for extended hours of cooking.
  2. Propane tanks are usually lighter, portable and more widely available than other sources of fuel.
  3. Propane is a highly efficient fuel that can be refilled or stored easily. A twenty pound tank can produce 25 hours worth of energy for grilling.
  4. There are also natural gas grills which utilise natural gas instead of propane or charcoal and are less expensive in terms of operational costs.
  5. Gas grills do a great job of not creating that smoky flavour associated with charcoal barbecue set ups.
  6. Temperature control knobs allow the users to effectively regulate heat with precision for different activities like searing, cooking or warming.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills are the more traditional option of grilling food, which is great for camping outside or while tailgating an event. Many people prefer the aesthetics as well as the characteristic smoky flavour associated with it. Mostly used in backyard parties, it can be a great way of serving food with the char-grilled flavour.

Important characteristics

  1. Charcoal grills are the most common form of outdoor grills available, allowing for simple installation and use. They use charcoal briquettes as their primary fuel.
  2. Charcoal grills help to enrich the flavour of the cooked food with the characteristically rich, barbecue taste.
  3. As it does not have any temperature controlling system, a 2-zone setup is in place to facilitate browning and searing of food on the grill surface; direct and indirect heat zones.
  4. Charcoal grills require a fresh supply of charcoal for each use, but they are inexpensive assets in the long run.
  5. It is slower to heat up than other variants.
  6. Regular maintenance is required to prevent building up of ash inside the grill.
  7. A charcoal chimney can be used to light the charcoal quickly.

The type of grill you select will depend on the application and use of the grill. The above two variants have their own pros and cons, with very different grilling methods that produce drastically different results. Hence, it’s up to the home owner to evaluate the suitability of a type of grill. It should be remembered that both charcoal and gas grills should be used carefully with proper adherence to safety standards and regulations. One way to be absolutely sure is to choose the optimal model from a reputed fireplace supplier, who will have the necessary quality of service as well as skilled staff members to aid you in a complete and efficient installation.

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