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Affordable Range of Starboards in New Zealand

Author: Max Scott
by Max Scott
Posted: Sep 20, 2017

Like skateboards and surfboards, there are plenty of starboards types and designs. These things are like surfboards with wheels or longer versions of the skateboard. The design of the board makes the user appears to glide or surf on concrete. Like skateboarding and surfboarding, long boarding is a combination of both activities. The type of gear is defined by its use. Starboards can be used as transportation and cruising, in slalom competition, in downhill racing and doing tricks. Difference in design can be attributed to a part or the total overhaul of the classic board design.

Starboards have a few components: the deck, truck, wheels and bearings. The part where the rider places the feet is called the deck. The nose or front, body or middle part and the tail or back part are parts of the deck. The part which holds is together the wheel and the deck and responsible for turning is called the truck. Movement at high speed with regard to gravity and the force to propel the board is done by the bearing. It is attached to the truck hanger while the wheels are attached to it; it is made from either steel or ceramic. The various types of wheels allow better movement and braking depending on the surface.

Both transportation and cruising are known as relaxed styles of long board use. These boards are the ones which look like surfboards and do not have short noses. The riding comfort from this board is due to its flexibility and large surface area. The large surface area allows the rider to put both feet adjacent to each other at the nose or at the body. Narrower turns are possible because of loosely set trucks and also allow propelling the board by shifting the rider’s weight like a rocking movement which turns into a forward force.

Starboards are gaining popularity and used for slalom are the smallest variety of the board. They are made from carbon fiber and can withstand high speeds and shifts of weight. Because of various slalom courses, riders normally use more than one kind of board. Shorter boards have been known to be used in smaller or tighter courses. In giant or steep slalom courses, longer boards are used.

Downhill riding is the most popular application of the starboard. Riders go to roads found in high places like hills or mountains. Riders do not push the board but rather rely on gravity instead. Tighter trucks are utilized in downhill riding to prevent too much swaying or movement. The wheelbase is maximized by placing the trucks at both ends of the board. Riders are suggested to use safety equipment because of the dangers of downhill riding. Trick gear resembles downhill riding starboards. The only difference being in length and the type of wheel used.

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