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Sesame Seeds-The Nutrient Rich Food

Author: Mukesh Kumar
by Mukesh Kumar
Posted: Mar 18, 2014

Good health is not easily gettable without following a good lifestyle. People are not eating healthy food these days which is leading to bad health. Fast foods are being consumed at the workplace which takes a toll on their health. It requires lots of money in treating the diseases and hence it is necessary to prevent them occurring in our body. No disease can form in our body if we follow a good lifestyle and eat healthy foods. It raises the self defense system of the body which is called immunity. Doctors around the world are advising the people to have balanced diet. The food provides all the necessary nutrients to the body. This is because special nutrients are required in the body for effective functioning of the body which is found in the food only. Let us find the most important food which can promote our health to greater heights.

There is numerous foods option for the people to add in their diet. But sesame seeds have been favorite for the people around the world since the ancient time. This is a fabulous food for the people due to present of large amount of essential nutrients. Seeds are crushed to make paste which is used in the food as condiment to increase the nutrient content. It is considered the world first ever condiment to be used in the food. Seeds are grinded in machines to extract the oil which is used in making many delightful dishes around the world. This is why people are adding Indian natural sesame seeds in their diet to gain the delicacy and nutrients. Indian sesame is popular all over the world for its taste aroma and quality. The seeds are packed according to the international hygiene standard to maintain the quality and freshness when it reaches the customers. Japan has become the largest importer of the Indian sesame seeds from the Indian companies. Farmer from different regions cultivates this seed for local consumption and export to other countries since early days.

No other seeds found in the world are as nutritious as the sesame seeds. The nutrients found in the sesame seeds are calcium, iron, selenium, molybdenum, phosphorous, manganese, fibers, vitamins-A, C and E, and phytosterol. Adding this seeds in the diet can prevent cancers, arthritis, inflammation, sclerosis, diabetes, heart attack, and blood sugar in the blood. So, adding the food can be an important effort to prevent deadly diseases entering in our body. It is being used in the Ayurvedic medicines since the ancient time for its preventive, curative and soothing properties. Seeds are used in the food in various purposes and in different forms. Indian hulled sesame seeds are popular among the people for its quality and nutrients. Seeds are used crushed to make paste which is used to traditional biscuits and local dishes in the country. It is being used in the bakery, cuisines, and other important foods product to promote the taste, aroma and nutrients of the products. Buy the seed and other readymade product of Indian dishes from Fazlani export at great prices of the market to get good health.

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