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Aluminium Honeycombs for Beekeeping Enthusiasts

Author: Sambhav Sawhney
by Sambhav Sawhney
Posted: Sep 25, 2017

Raising bees is interesting for those who love bees. The common reasons for raising bees is for honey, for the beeswax, and for pollination. A beekeeper we call as an apiarist. The apiary is the place where you keep the bees.

Types of beehives

In traditional beekeeping, they used the fixed comb hive. You cannot move this hive from its location. You can use any hollow structure for this purpose. Or, you can use a wooden box or a clay pot. Check the designs offered by the Aluminium Honeycomb Composite Panel Manufacturers. In modern beekeeping, the top-bar hives are more used in common. This is a method adopted in Africa for large bee colonies. The advantages of the top-bar hives are they are easy to install and harvest honey. They are adaptable and lightweight.

Next, we have the horizontal frame hive. These are movable hives which you can remove from the beehive. We remove one frame at a time, crush to remove the honey and return the empty frames to the hive. The vertically stackable frame beehives have several advantages over the other types of hives. You can remove the entire box of honey instead of removing the stacks one by one. You can add an extra brood and honey storage space using the box of frames.

Placing the hive

Choose the location of the beehive with care. The bees need the sun. If your place is too hot, then place the beehive frame in the afternoon shade. They need water, use a shallow dish with stones and fill it to the brim with water. The bees can land on the stones and have their drink of water. Or, you can use a fountain that bubbles so the bees can access the water with ease.

Provide enough protection for the hive from the wind. If the wind blows the rain into the hive, the bees will find it hard to stay warm. And, do not make a show of your hive. The bees like their privacy. So, avoid heavy traffic areas such as playgrounds or pet areas. You can get more ideas from the Aluminium Honeycomb Composite Panel Suppliers.

Difficulties with beekeeping

The first year in beekeeping is the toughest. Once you prepare the location, you must install the bees. The bees must be off the ground with enough protection from the ground, dampness, and insects. It is best to wait for spring to install your bees. This is the time when the fresh flowers will have enough stock of honey for the bees.

Stings can happen when you work with bees. Be sure to buy protective gear. A full suit is advisable always when you handle the bees. A veil is important and you must use the hive tool for handling the hive.

Then, there is the cost of supplies for the bees. Young colonies will remain busy, sealing the gaps and taking care of the queen. You can make nectar to feed them by dissolving granulated sugar with water in equal amounts. They will stop drinking the nectar in a couple of weeks. By then, they have found their stock of flowers for collecting their nectar.

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Author: Sambhav Sawhney

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