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An Brief Idea on the Potential of Zinc Plating and Zinc Coating

Author: Donald Holton
by Donald Holton
Posted: Sep 25, 2017

Zinc has been a part of the U.S. construction from the late 19th century. But post-World War II, zinc got hidden under the cheaper options like synthetic rubber, thermoplastic and asphalt. Though currently, zinc is enjoying its resurgence phase due to its demand in the eco-friendly product field. This has augmented the number of companies providing zinc plating services in NY.

Zinc is a naturally occurring element found in the Earth’s crust. It’s a bluish-white element, which is relatively hard and brittle in its metallic state. At present, it is the fourth most consumed metal and about 50% of it is used in zinc galvanizing processes to prevent rusting of steel and iron. Just a thin layer of zinc can work as an efficient corrosion-resistant barrier.

The outstanding effectiveness of zinc plating at a relatively low cost made it popular surface protecting element in all manufacturing field units. You can remarkably see zinc coatings on automotive, nuts, bolts and other consumer products.

Different Types of Zinc Plating Services, NY

Zinc plating is easy to identify due to the variant color, produced by different formulations. The variant colors narrate the different corrosion protection levels:

  • Yellow Zinc Plating — Used mainly in the automotive industries that provides an average level of corrosion protection.
  • Black Zinc Plating — This coating level is slightly better than the protection level of yellow zinc plating.
  • Clear or Blue Zinc Plating — Though this one is more environmentally friendly, offers a fewer amount of protection against corrosion.
  • Acid Zinc Plating — This is quite different from the others zinc plating as it doesn’t initiate cyanide inside the plating bath. It is quite advantageous for hard-to-plate substrates.

Benefits of Zinc Plating

When you are into zinc plating, it not only benefits in corrosion resistance rather has many other important benefits. Those include:

  • Zinc coating follows an easy application method and zinc plating results, low-stress deposit that helps prevent substrate damage. Due to zinc’s incredible properties, it is readily used in wide range of plating bath chemistry.
  • Zinc is found in abundance, making it quite affordable than many other metal plating. If economic plating substance is in your mind – zinc is the best!
  • Plating enhances the appearance of metal surfaces, making objects more attractive to potential buyers. Zinc plating reflects a particular brightness level that is equivalent to chromium. Brightness is controlled with the use of various additives. This increases the chances of getting the most appropriate finish.
  • Zinc coating is available in variant textures and patterns. Whether you need a plain surface or rough touch, everything becomes easy when it’s ZINC!
  • Zinc supports both barrel and rack plating processes. This means zinc plating can be easily accommodated on various parts and workload volumes.
  • Zinc is an effective undercoat substance with its excellent adhesive properties. The painted or coated surfaces will effectively work against corrosion.

Alternative Zinc Alloys for Plating

Zinc when amalgamated with different elements, result in potential zinc alloys that can be used in different commercial fields. Some of the zinc alloy options are:

  • Zinc-tin alloy
  • Zinc-iron
  • Zinc-nickel
  • Zinc-cobalt

Whether in pure metallic state or in alloy state, zinc works powerfully against corrosion! Therefore, if you are thinking of economical yet efficient plating substance in New York or around NY, hire the best zinc plating services NY for a long lasting protection.

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