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What You Need To Know About Moving Ohio Pianos Cleveland

Author: Joyce Piano
by Joyce Piano
Posted: Sep 25, 2017

If you are planning on moving your Ohio pianos Cleveland, then you should know that you are about to start a very difficult; one which is impossible to do alone. The piano is very heavy, big, delicate and expensive furniture; this makes moving it a very difficult thing to do and while moving it, the margin for error is pretty thin.

In order to do this, you need to know the basic things required to move Ohio pianos Cleveland. The best way to move a piano is to get professional help from professional piano movers Cleveland Ohio. However if you’re convinced that you can do it yourself, here are a few tips you can use.

Check for Any Damages

Moving a piano can be quite a difficult task as pianos are usually very big, heavy and expensive and it’s takes a lot of effort. The moving process can be very rigorous, so before moving a piano, you should carefully check for any damaged parts especially the legs. A piano consists of thousands of moving parts so damage can spread throughout the instrument easily while moving, if adequate care is not taken.

If you find any fault or damaged parts in your piano, you can get it repaired by consulting professionals such as Cleveland piano repairs.

Know Your Piano

You should carefully have specific knowledge about your piano before attempting to move it. The spinet piano is one of the smallest pianos that most people have in their homes. However, the Spinet piano weighs at least 300 lb, which makes it a very difficult instrument to move. Weights vary for different types of pianos so identifying the weight and weight distribution of your piano is very important.

Call for Help

If you have decided not to consult professional piano movers Cleveland, then calling on some friends and neighbours is an inevitable step that you have to take. You should call on at least four people who are fit and in good shape. Avoid calling on old people or people with history of back or joint pains.

Get Some Moving Equipment

Using some moving equipment such as moving straps to lift up the piano will make the job easier for the movers. Also, get a moving truck that is big and strong enough to carry the kind of piano you are trying to move is very important. Undoubtedly, moving is impossible without a truck.

Choose A Clear Route

You should have a chosen route in mind for transporting your Ohio pianos Cleveland. Make sure the route you chose is not difficult to navigate and free of bumps or potholes. More importantly, make sure that all the doorways through which you need to move the piano are wide enough for the piano and the people carrying it.


Moving Ohio pianos Cleveland is a very arduous take, and the risk you take on by moving it yourself is pretty high. Hiring the services of professional piano movers Cleveland is certainly a move you would not regret.

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