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Stay Protected with Anti-Pollution Masks & Purifiers

Author: Yashi Ganguly
by Yashi Ganguly
Posted: Sep 27, 2017
air pollution

Riding a bike is a thrilling and joyful experience, be it, for men or women. A two wheeler or bike can easily navigate its way through the narrow openings or sides of any jam-packed road.But while riding a bike, you need to keep in mind some important factors such as the need to stay safe. Keeping the safety prospect in mind, it is always advisable for the bikers to wear helmets.

At the same time, bikers need to stay protected from the air contaminated with many viruses, bacteria and germs. As the air pollution level these days are rising constantly, doctors advise the use of anti-pollution masks for bikers. Different from the regular surgical masks, air pollution masks have a facility to cover half of the face which keeps the pollution at a bay and at the same time is convenient as well.

The anti-pollution masks for bikers are designed up of nylon material which is too soft and comfortable for the bikers. The extreme rise in air pollution these days requires the bikers to use the valve masks which ensure protection against the virus, bacteria, flu and other organic odours. These masks generally have a filtration layer inbuilt in them which is carbon treated and has ventilation holes to help the biker breathe with ease. The masks with the dual valve are considered as the better option for the bikers as they reduce the difficulty a biker might face while riding the bike.

The masks having the double valve are also beneficial for use during the activities which raise the pulse rate and heartbeat, for example, jogging, brisk walk, gym, cycling etc. In fact, people of every age are nowadays advised to wear air pollution masks.

Well, it cannot be claimed completely that the air pollution is an outside phenomenon as the air inside any room, car or any part of the home can be polluted due to different reasons. Breathing such a polluted air could cause severe diseases like asthma, insomnia, severe cold etc. An air purifier serves as a device which purifies almost 90% of the impurities present in the air whether in your house or car.

Air purifiers are available in market with a wide variety of brands, designs & dimensions. So, there are ample options if you go to buy an air purifier. Many of the air purifier brands today provide their air purifier with an additional feature called High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA), which works through forcing the air trough a thin fine mesh which traps the harmful particles like pollen, dust, tobacco, fumes, fog, smoke etc.

So, whenever you go to buy an air purifier, search for the HEPA feature and select it carefully.

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