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Why Kickstarter Clone is an Easy Fix for your Crowdfunding Business

Author: David Weber
by David Weber
Posted: Oct 05, 2017
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You need capital to start a business? There are several methods of raising money. You may borrow from a financial institution like a bank or even from your friends. The easiest way is Crowdfunding that allows you to raise funds online. Such crowdfunding platforms are very helpful, and the world needs more crowdfunding platforms.

Entrepreneurs are grabbing this opportunity and starting their crowdfunding platforms. Kickstarter is a well-known name in this field and to build up such platform is not an easy task as it requires both time and money. But, with the help of clone scripts, you can save both.

ClonesCloud has developed Kickstarter Clone that is easy to deploy. If you want to set up a fundraising business platform, the best way is to get started with a Kickstarter Clone because it comes with handy features so that you can quickly launch your platform. There are several reasons why clone script is an easy fix for your dreams.


With PHP Kickstarter clone script, you can customize your fundraising business to meet your specific needs. Whenever you are sourcing an application that you want to use to achieve a particular goal, it is good that you get a script that you can easily customize and therefore have the taste that you want for your business. It comes with all the features, and you just have to customize it and use it.

It is quick and Easy to Use

With Kickstarter clone script, you don’t need to struggle with coding because it is a ready-made platform. Therefore, you just have to install the Kickstarter script, and you are good to go. This saves you a lot of time and resources. It is also very easy to use, and therefore you will not struggle to look for support.

Responsive Design

In the modern day web technology, you need an application that is responsive on all devices to be able to have a good response on your fundraising. Kickstarter clone script is designed with this in mind, and therefore the pages will load quickly on all devices regardless of their capability as long as the device has connectivity.

Wallet Services

A fundraising campaign will need to have a reliable wallet system so that fundraisers can have secure fund storage.

Social Media Login

The people contributing towards your campaign should not be taken through long processes to log in. If you have long log in process, they will not like signing up, and you risk losing their contribution. Note that passwords have become a burden to remember and people just want to be able to login with their social media account profiles. PHP Kickstarter clone script provides for this flexibility

Therefore, if you want to start your fundraising platform, you have a better choice when you decide to use Kickstarter clone script.

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